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Africa has become the Biggest Potential Market for Solar PV Generation

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In most of people’s impression, African continent is a wide and mystical land, there are fertile land, multifarious wild animal and plant life, and also abundant underground mineral in that land. But maybe some people don’t know its shortage of electric power supply, just 20% residents can get electric power in Africa.

It is very common to power cut in Africa.

As the extremely imbalance of electric development, except for Egypt, South Africa, other Countries and districts all have this problem to be shortage of electric power supply. Such as Ethiopia, Angola and Madagascar, although they have the basic system for electric power supply, the ability of electric power supply is too weak, power cut always appear. The electric users have covering up to 40% in the near of Capital of Madagascar, but their entire covering is just around 20%, which makes always power cut.

Nearly 100% people can use smart phone in Africa, but just 20% of people can use electric power. Maybe somebody want to ask, power cut always happen, how to charge smart phone in Africa ? The answer is power generation by diesel engine and solar power generation.

Electric Power is Luxurious in Africa.

It also can be reluctant to accept if just power cut is happen now and then, but the extremely shortage of power supply would make you feel crazy in Chad, Congo, Mali and Sudan. Because the basic living source, power electricity, is Luxurious in these Countries.

In slightly remote province of Chad, just the tribal chief’s office can be power supplied normally, other areas are in short of electric power supply. It is said that all of electric power supply rely on diesel engine to generate in Chad, power generation volume is about 50MW. We can make a contrast with China’s Gorges Power Station whose generation volume is 20,000MW. In Chad, just 2% of residents can get electric power in whole of nation, just 9% of residents in Capital of Chad, it is unimaginable for this shortage of electric power supply. It is difficult for them to be away from heat in Summer.

Africa has become the biggest potential market for solar PV development.

In fact, from energy supply, the potential development of African solar PV industry is very large. There is widely land in African continent, just Northwest and Southeast have a lot of high mountains, 75% of land area is plateau and plain, and the sunlight is nearly 12 hours each day, nearly about 3,000 hours annually. In recent years, Africa has become the biggest potential market to develop solar PV power generation.

In the early of 2013, Obama had established “African Electric Power”, put forward “Power Africa Program”, it plans to provide 7 billion dollar to the Countries in the South Africa of Sahara within 5 years, subsequently, the private financing capital also reach 9 billion dollar, to exploit source, power generation, power transmission and energy management capacity establishment. It plans to create renewable power generation up to 30 thousand Megawatts, to push African renewable, especially for the solar industrial investment.

In August of last year, the African center of China’s New Development Bank was established in Johannesburg. The next mainly concentration of China’s New Development Bank would be focus on sustainable development, it is predicated that the two third of loans would be utilized for the infrastructure establishment of sustainable development, especially for cleaning energy, irrigation and clean water source, etc.

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