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How to Buy a Better Solar Lawn Lamp ?

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Solar lawn lamp is popularly welcome in market and it has been common decorative lighting products for communities. Presently, there are a lot of solar lawn lamp in market, appearance is similar or the same, but prices are different, from low price to high price, which makes customers feel confusion to choose a premium solar lamp. It is necessary to learn more about solar lawn lamp before deciding to purchase.

1. The basic knowledge for solar lawn lamp.

1). What is LED Lawn Lamp ?
LED lawn lamp is a kind of decorative lighting and illumination, being applied for urban slow lawn, Narrow Lane, Residential Area, Public Garden, Tourist Spot, Plaza, Private Garden, Courtyard Corridor, Lawn area and other sides of roadway or walkway. It can be urban decoration in daytime, and provide brightness in night, to improve residents’ safety, it also can superinduce urban attractiveness.

2). What is Solar Lawn Lamp ?
Solar lawn lamp is a cleaning energy lighting product, it is safety, energy-saving, environmental friendly and easy to install. Solar cells can convert solar power into electric power when solar panel is radiated by sunlight in daytime, and through controller to store into battery. The battery would provide power supply for LED lamp through controller in night. The battery stop to provide power in the next daytime, then LED lamp stop to work, solar power continue to charge the battery.

2. What is advantages for solar lawn lamp when comparing with traditional LED lawn lamp ?

There are 4 advantages for solar lawn lamp as below:
1). Energy-Saving and Environmental Friendly. Traditional LED lawn lamp is powered by grid power, which has increased the loads of Grid power, and it should pay electric cost. While Solar Lawn Lamp is through solar panel to convert solar power intro electric power, then store into battery, and battery discharge for LED lamp, which is energy-saving and Environmental Friendly.

2). Easy to install. It should excavate hole to pave cables before to install traditional LED lawn lamp, while solar lawn lamp just need use ground stick to insert into lawn.

3). High Security Guarantee. It has high voltage for grid power, high voltage is dangerous. The voltage of solar lamp battery is 12V, low voltage is safety.

4). Intelligent Light-Operated. The power switch need be manually controlled for traditional LED lawn lamp, while solar lawn lamp is controller built-in, the controller can collect light signal and analysis to control the power switch.

3. How to choose a premium solar lawn lamp ?

1). Check Solar Panel.
Currently, there are three categories for solar panels, they are monocrystalline, polycrystalline and non-crystalline.

The solar conversion of monocrystalline can reach 20%, parameter is invariable, long lifespan, its cost is three times of non-crystalline.
The solar conversion of polycrystalline is around 18%, manufacturing cost is lower than monocrystalline.
The cost of non-crystalline is the least, it has low request for sunlight condition, it also can generate in weak sunlight condition, low solar conversion, it is gradually degradation year after year, short lifespan.

2). Check its technics, the encapsulation technic of solar panel has directly influenced its lifespan.
Tempered glass to laminate, its lifespan is long, it can reach 25 years, high solar conversion.
PET lamination, its lifespan is also long, being able to 5 – 8 years.
Expoxy lamination, its has short lifespan, about 2 to 3 years.

3). Check its Battery.
Lead-Acid battery, Seal and Maintenance Free, Low price. But should prevent Lead-acid pollution, it should be gradually abandoned.
Nickel-Cadmium battery, good lower temperature performance, long lifespan, but should prevent Cadmium pollution.
Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery, its battery capacity is larger under the same size limitation, low temperature performance, low price, environmental friendly and not pollution.
Lithium battery, battery capacity is the biggest under the size limitation, high price, but Good quality, it is widely used for solar lighting products.

4). Check LED Chip.
Comparing with unknown LED chip, famous brand LEDs chip have better brightness and lifespan, strong stability, slow degradation, even lighting.

4. The basic knowledge for LED Lighting Color Temperature.

Warm White (2700-4000K), provides a warm and modest feeling.
Natural White (5500-6000K), provides a refresh feeling.
Cold White (Above 7000K), provides chilly feeling.

5. Application Prospect.

Presently, the market demand for solar lawn lamp shows the rapid increase trend in United States, Japan and Europe, etc. There are better afforested in Europe, large-scale lawn covering. Solar lawn lamp has become a necessary part to afforest in Europe. The solar lawn lamp is mainly used for private villa and various activities places in United States. Solar lawn lamp has been widely utilized to afforest road and public garden in Japan and Korea.
In China, as the advantages of energy-saving, environmental friendly and easy to install, solar lawn lamp is also popular for private villa and Communities.

After learning more about solar lawn lamp, now I think you know how to buy a better solar lawn lamp.

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