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Why Should We Choose Motion Sensor Solar Garden Light ?

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Usually, the power of motion sensor solar garden light is small, and it doesn’t need pave complicated cables, the lighting layout can be adjustable at random, it is safety and no pollution. The power switch of charging is intelligent to control and light-operated to control, no need hand to press. Its working is reliable and stable, saving electric cost, maintenance free. Then, why motion sensor solar garden light should be chosen ?

Because there are many advantages for motion sensor solar garden light.

1. It is PIR sensor. Namely, its brightness can be controlled by PIR technology, which would save energy and provide more long lighting time.

2. It can protect your eyesight from any damage. Motion sensor solar garden light is driven by DC, no strobe. (Ordinary light is driven by AC, which would have strobe).

3. Its voltage and current are small, which doesn’t produce more heat, don’t have potential safety hazard, it can be applied for mine field where is dangerous area.

4. Its lighting beam doesn’t have ultraviolet ray and infrared ray, doesn’t produce radiation. ( The lighting beam of ordinary lamps has ultraviolet ray and infrared ray.

5. There are 90% of electric power to convert into visible light. ( There is 80% electric power of ordinary incandescent bulb would convert into heat energy, just the rest of 20% electric power converts into visible light), namely, the lighting-effectiveness of motion sensor solar garden light is high.

Motion sensor solar garden light can be applied for remote area where is shortage of grid electric power, it also can be applied for villas to decorate courtyard, garden and sidewalk, etc. In addition, the PIR sensor function can be set as requirement, such as to make the solar garden light work as 50%, when someone pass by, it work as 100% for 30s, or other lighting modes. Because of so many advantages, motion sensor solar garden light has been more and more chosen for private’s projects or government’s projects.


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