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What is basic composition of off-grid solar power system ?

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Off-grid solar power system consists of solar panels with mounting, Lead-acid battery with non-maintenance, solar controller, inverter (if having AC load appliance), lamps, power distribution cabinet and cables, etc. The box of control cabinet should be high quality, pretty appearance and durability. Battery with non-maintenance and controller should be built inside the cabinet. Valve control and sealed lead-acid battery, also being said as “non-maintenance battery” because it doesn’t have to often maintain, which can reduce the cost of maintenance. The function of solar control includes light-operated, time control, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection and reverse-connection protection, etc. For example, regards to an individual solar street light system, its working principle is that solar panel converts solar radiation into power electricity in daytime, the power electricity would be stored into battery through controller, when the sunlight decreasing to some extent in night, the open circuit voltage of solar panel return its relative value, controller can detect this voltage change, then battery provide power supply for LED street light. After battery discharging up to the set point, controller detect this point, then to control battery stop to discharge. The main function of controller is to protect battery, the state of charging and discharging, working time of street light can be set by controller according to clients’ request. The discharging voltage of battery is DC, it need connect with inverter if having AC appliance.

Off-grid solar power system has been utilized for various areas, such as beacon light, railway signal light, power for electric fence, black light lamp, power supply for broadcast, television and communication equipment, photovoltaic pumping irrigation system, etc. More and more electric equipment is provided power by solar, because solar power is renewable and forever energy. More powered by solar, more less contamination.


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