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The First Solar Highway was Opened to Traffic in China

Publish Time:2018/04/15 Industry Dynamic View:337

The China’s first solar highway had opened to traffic in 28th, December, 2017, As the newest “black technology”, this road not only can be trafficked, it also can realize solar power generation, to charge the vehicles which are moving on the load. This road brings positive effectiveness to renewable energy vehicles.

It is understood that the total length of this trial road is 1120m, the paving length of solar pv road is 1080m, to pave the main Lane and Emergency Lane. The width of main lane is 3.75m, the width area of solar pv paving is 3m. The width of emergency lane is 3m, the width of its solar pv paving is 2.44m. The total net area of solar pv paving is 5875m2, the peak solar installation volume of distributed on-grid solar generation is 817.2KW, the estimate annual power generation is about 1 million kilowatt hours. The load design is to adopt national road standard, the design usage lifespan is 15 years according to asphalt standardization. The design load capacity is 24 million times ESAL. Its design lifespan and road performance are higher than ordinary asphalt concrete roads.

Regards to charge for electric vehicles, solar pv road is the optimal foundation for charging moving vehicles in future, the wireless charging technology for electric vehicles is gradually outstanding, state government is making the relative technical standard.

Presently, this road period has realized power generation and Grid-Tie, government has published many policies for solar power cleaning energy, always encouraging the solar energy developing.

From economic benefits to analysis, taking ShanDong as example, the whole traffic highway is 5700km, the total area of emergency lane and outer stopway are 66.96 million m2, its annual power generation 15.6 billion kilowatt hours after paving solar cells, the generation benefit is 15.2 billion RMB, the annual Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction is 15.5 million tons, the emission reduction benefit is 4.6 billion RMB, the direct economic benefit is 19.8 billion RMB, the economy would be more brilliant if paving all roads.

From the social benefits, solar pv road is to utilize the current roads source, no need occupy other lands, no air pollution emission, to provide premium cleaning energy for cities and residence, it has more profound significance for energy-saving and emission-reduction, and improve China’s energy structure.

As a new emerging basing on traditional highway, solar highway has realized the initial integration for transport infrastructure and renewable energy. One the one hand, the main developing aspect in future is to power supplying for itself and Grid-Tie, and it can solve power usage demand for highway service area and alongside Channel, to reduce highway operation cost. On the other hand, where is highway, where cleaning would be brought, and satisfy the power usage demand of alongside residents.

The solar pv road would become Non-touching power supply stage for share vehicles by exploiting the alongside solar power supply and mature wireless charging technology, it also brings benefits for solar highway operation enterprises.

As value-added service of traditional highway, it can rely on power support of solar pv road and data network built-in from long term, to realize information and power interaction, to create smart traffic system and realize guideline for vehicle auto-drive, etc.

According to continuous technical innovation, the application of solar highway is gradually expanded, the construction cost is being reduced, it would get capital income by launching upstream and downstream industrial enterprises.

The annual power generation of this trial period solar highway is about 1 million kilowatt hours, the realized function includes street light, digital news board, auto to melt snow, powering supply for Channel and toll station, surplus is to Grid-Tie, Vehicles wireless charging, etc.

If this trial solar highway get success, this technology would be widely applicable in future, which would bring great economic and social benefits, and would make giant achievement for the world.

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