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The Current and Development Trend of Global Solar Street Lighting Market

Publish Time:2018/05/24 Industry Dynamic View:369

The global solar street lighting market is estimated to increase as 19% between 2016 and 2020. The global solar street lighting market is divided as fluorescent lamp and LED lamp.

The rapid increase of solar street lighting market is to meet the increasing demand, to reduce the power consumption of solar street lighting, to guarantee resident’s and walker’s safety.

In 2015, the market share of Asian-Pacific Region is 46%; The Europe, Middle-East and Africa are 30%; The America is 23%.

Asia-Pacific Region: China’s Government and India’s Government take measure to stimulate the increase.

Asia-Pacific Region has got the biggest market share, which dues to India and China to push energy-saving lighting, Moreover, there are many factories of LED chips and Assembling in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.
Indian Government focus on developing intelligent cities, aim to create at least 100 intelligent cities before 2030. Being different with traditional street light, solar LED light has extremely great cost-effectiveness, because it doesn’t have to connect with State Grid, it is very available in the Countries which have sufficient sunlight, it is the ideal choice for off-grid utilization. The solar street light still work normally in remote area even in night, which would improve resident’s life standard. This factors would encourage 1,000 villages to install solar LED street light. A lot of villages have installed solar LED street light in India, China and Africa.

Europe, Middle East and Africa: The Potential Market Increase of Africa’s Solar Street Lighting is Huge.

Europe is the second large revenue contributor of Global solar street lighting market in 2015. The market is mainly driven by the target of energy efficiency and renewable energy which is made by their government, and this has pushed the installation of Europe’s solar street lighting. The solar street lighting is 40% of energy consumption in United Kingdom, therefore, the government has combined solar energy and LED lamp, which is helpful for the emission of Carbon Dioxide and save energy cost.

South of Europe and Middle-East have sufficient sunlight, off-grid system can be adopted.

Egypt government is installing solar street lighting, to reduce grid loads. Many area of Africa is still relying on traditional lighting. Some cities of this area has installed solar street lighting system, thereafter to improve village’s and citizen’s social and economic situation.

America: Brazil and United States have the biggest demand for solar street light.

The government of United States has greatly pushed energy-saving industry. The cost of LED and solar panel has been decreased, performance has been improved, which has pushed the solar street lighting installation of United States. EnGoPlanet which locates at New York cooperates with Las Vegas to install solar street lighting, to change traditional energy, exploiting sustainable and renewable energy.

Although United States dominates the market of solar street lighting in North America, Brazil dominates the market of solar street lighting in South America. Brazil greatly invested LED street lighting since 2013. Brazil’s R20Hub is a kind of leading large-scale project of LED street lighting, its target is to cover 1.5 million solar street lights in 13 cities of whole Brazil, to decrease the pressure of State Grid.

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