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The Analysis for Renewable Energy in Indian Market

Publish Time:2018/05/22 Industry Dynamic View:227

Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is one of Indian government departments, its main obligation is taking responsibility for research and development, Intellectual property protection and International cooperation, push and accelerate renewable energy, such as Wind power generation, Hydropower, Methane Gas and Solar power generation.

1. India had made new policy for energy in the early of 2005, guaranteeing its State to realize energy independent before 2030. Presently, Indian solar power generation would be improved, the Government’s target is that renewable energy (such as solar power generation) would be 15% of Indian electric power in 2013. Now there are more than 19pcs solar pv factories to be invested. For Wind energy, the Wind Energy installation volume is 4.43 million kilowatt hours in 2005, which is the number one among Asia. It surpassed Denmark to be the Number 4, installation volume reached to 6.27 million kilowatt hours in 2006. The other renewable fields also get fast development. In India, solar pv system is used for different areas, total capacity has reached 62MW, it is about 1.05 million solar power system and stations. India has installed about 29MW for non-conventional solar pv projects whose value is about 12 thousand dollar, it includes 50989pcs solar lamps, 256673pcs home solar lighting systems, 47969pcs street lighting systems and 5000pcs solar pump systems.

2. There is no doubt that India is one of solar energy centralities. The available exploitation of India solar system is very huge. The sunlight of Most Indian areas can reach 300-330 days annually, equal to 5 thousand trillion kilowatts hours, it far surpass Indian annual power consumption. The daily solar conversion is about 4-7KWH/m^2 in India. There are totally 66MW tenders to cover more than one million industrial pv systems, the 80% of them are solar lamp, home solar system, solar street light and solar pump, etc. Energy Agency will develop many new solar pv projects, that is home solar lighting and street lighting system, predicting the covering rate would reach 20MW/KM^2. Indian solar power generation projects are under exploitation. According to Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Agency, the estimation solar heat system would be 14 million square meters, while currently it is just 190 thousand square meters. The Energy Agency would increase 950 thousand square meters in the eleventh five-year plan.

3. India has the most abundant natural Wind energy source in the world, and the exploitation of wind energy is also economy and reasonable. According to Ministry of New and Renewable Agency, the available exploitation volume has reached up to 45,195MW in India, the use ratio of Wind Energy is ranked number 4 in the world, about 7,092MW. In addition, Indian government would exploit Wind generation marked in the eleventh five-year plan (2007-2010), predicting to be 10,500MW. The biggest Indian private power company, TATA Energy would plan to create a 100MW project. State Energy Company would create 250MW Wind facilities. The output of Indian Wind Turbine has reached 25 million dollar during 2001-2007, and exporting to Australia, Brazil, China, America and Europe. This year, the total export volume of Indian Wind turbine and its accessories would reach 50 million dollar in this year. Indian Government and Ministry of New and Renewable Agency have published a series of extremely attractive policies to support the establishment of Wind Energy, including financial priorities.

4. Indian government announced that they would formulate 54 cities to be solar cities. In the first phase JNNSM project, the installation volume of on-grid solar pv projects is 1.04GW. In an announcement, government has allowed to grant 3.5 million dollar to prepare the design picture, the solar cells of 41pcs cities and advertising campaign. Indian government has granted 1.7 million dollar to create renewable energy projects for 5pcs cities.

5. The accumulative total on-grid solar power generation has reached 1,447MW. According to Ministry of New and Renew Agency’s statistics, the newly increased capacity is 210MW in February, which makes the plan on-grid solar output reach 505MW in this year. Indian target is to finish the total solar power generation of this year, it reaches 800MW. Regarding to off-grid solar system whose capacity is above 1KW, MNRE didn’t provide the February data, but the total plan has reached 17.59MW in 2012-2013. The present output capacity is 108MW, which has surpassed the 30MW target of 2013. Presently, MNRE has published a route chart, the installation volume would increase up to 10GW in 2017. According to Frost & Sullivan’s prediction, Indian solar market would increase from 1.05 billion dollar to 2.05 billion dollar.

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