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What is price composition for solar LED street light?

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It is normal that most of customers would like to have the products with excellent quality and low price. While the prices are relative with quality. Currently, the prices of solar LED street light are disorder in market, some price is very low and some price is very high. Some customers just care the prices, they don’t care more about quality. They think low prices can bring more profits for them, the quality is afforded by suppliers. In fact, they have wrong, it the low-price products that they purchase have quality problem, that would be not easy to get compensate from suppliers, that would be a long-time trade dispute. Normally, if two solar street lights have the same configuration, their prices would not have big difference. Now let us talk about the price composition for solar LED street light.
Solar LED street light

1. Solar Panel.

Solar panel is the core composition of solar LED street light, but some manufacturers can reduce materials to get low prices from here. As the dimension of solar panel is fixed, some factories can’t reduce its dimension, but they can use inferior materials to make solar panel. For example, to adopt rubbish solar cells to make solar panel, even solar factory use paper to make solar panel, but it is difficult to distinguish just from its appearance. In addition, solar cells can be classified as grade A and glad B, some factory can use grade B solar panel to reduce prices.

2. Gel Battery and Lithium Battery.

Battery is also important composition of solar LED street light, it is also easy to be reduce material to get low price. Some factory use fake label for battery capacity to show low price, it would make confusion and misunderstanding for new buyers. For those regular purchasers, they already knew the calculation of battery capacity. In order to get low price in market, some factory also use old battery to replace new.
Currently, more and more lithium batteries have been exploited for solar LED street light, some factories also use fake label for capacity of lithium battery. For example, the true capacity of lithium battery is 20AH, but its parameter label shows 80AH, it would make misunderstanding to customers.
solar LED street light

3. LED Lighting Source.

Currently, LED is widely applied for solar street light. Different LED chip has big different cost, and different brand LED also has different luminous flux. For example, Cree is 160LM/W, Osram is 160LM/W, Bridelux and Epistar are 130LM/W, while some unbeknown brand LED is less 100LM/W. The prices also can be reduced by adopting different brand LED chips.

4. Lamp-Post.

The cost of lamp-post is also a big expenditure for solar LED street light, then its materials also can be different with different cost. For example, if some customers require hot-galvanize lamp-post, some factory makes it without flange, horizontal welding, etc. This would influence the grade for wind resistance. Even if the price is low, it would have big loss risk if facing big wind.
Solar LED street light

In a word, the price of solar LED street light is disorder in market. To select a reliable solar street light manufacturer is important. We suggest customers to test samples before placing order for project. That would be better if customers visit factory after samples being tested no problem. For the project contractors, it is valuable to visit the reliable factory that you think. For small private project, it is better to buy samples to test before order.

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