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I want to buy a set of small home solar power system, how much should be paid ?

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Presently, more and more people want to buy a small home solar power system, but they don’t know how much should be paid, now let us talk about this.

One set of solar PV system comprises of solar panel, charger controller, battery and inverter, the power of solar panel and battery are the key important.

Taking assumption that the power of TV is 40W, total power of loads is 40+3*60W=220W,

Taking the efficiency of inverter as 80%, the battery output is 220W/0.8=275W,
The current of DC12V battery is 275W/12V=22.9A, nearly 30A.
If to choose 80Ah battery, and loads completely work, then it is 80/23=3.5 hours.
If you think it is enough for your loads to work 3 hours each day, then we can calculate the parameter of solar panel basing on 80Ah battery.

Solar panel is charged by sunlight from 8.00 am to 17.pm,

It is the efficient charging from 9:00 to 16:00, other period is assistant charging.
It is 7 hours from 9:00 to 16:00, namely it is 7 hours to charge 80Ah battery.

Charging Current is 80/7=11.4A, you can choose 12A.

Usually, the voltage of solar panel is DC18V to charge battery, then the power of solar panel is 18*12=216W, more DC18V solar panels can be paralleling connected to meet the current requirement.

The price of one 50W, DC18 solar panel need US$33.85, five pieces is 5*US$33.85=US$169.25,

The price of charging battery is US$10.8,
The price of 80AH battery is US$92.5,
The price of DC12/AC220V inverter is US$15.5,

Therefore, the total cost is US$169.25+US$10.8+US$92.5+US$15.5=US$288.05

As above presentation, for a 250W small home solar power system, its price need at least US$288.05.

Please note, different allocation has different prices, above is just for reference, detail prices need be checked according to accurate small home solar power system.


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