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0.18W Small Flexible Appearance Solar Table Lamp for Reading

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Item No. BS-N600
Brand Bingsolar
Solar Panel 1.5W/5V Poly
Lithium Battery 400mAh, 3.7V
Charging Mode: Solar Panel or USB Charger
Charging Time: Solar Panel>=6h, USB Charger>=1h
Lighting Time: 12h (under full battery condition)
Power of LED Lamp: 0.18W
Product Size: 20*235*30mm
Quantity/Carton: 130pcs/Carton
Detail Parameter

Introduction for solar table light:
Solar table light is via solar panel to absorb sunlight to convert solar power into electric power which is stored into battery. When need the table light to bright, just need switch the power on to illuminate. It is energy-saving and environmental friendly, exploiting solar power to charge, no need often change battery.
It is to adopt high-tech astigmatism LED lamp with highlight and low power consumption as lighting source. It can be charged by solar panel or USB charger. It is very easy to carry and nearly don’t consume public grid.  Usually, there are 65% for sunlight days in a year (Different Countries or District have different sunlight days), users can take the table lamp out from its box to put on balcony when he go to outdoor in morning, the table lamp can be used for him to read in night.  Usually the table lamp can bright about 5 hours after being put under sufficient sunlight a day, which meets user to use a night. By this way it can be powered supply by solar, and don’t need consume home electricity, then don’t need pay electric fee for the solar table lamp. When it is in rainy days (no sunlight days), the solar table lamp also can be charged by USB charger, 60pcs high astigmatism LEDs is just 3.6W, being equal to 45W brightness of traditional incandescent lamp, which is low power consumption.

Display for the Solar Table Light:

Parameter for the table light:

Please Note:

1). The working temperature for the table lamp is -10℃~+50℃,  it might influence its lifespan if temperature is over this ranging.
2). The solar table lamp is no waterproof, please don’t put under rainy, otherwise it would cause its short-circuit to damage the product.
3). Please don’t be closing to fire, because high temperature may cause its battery have breakdown risk.
4). Please avoid to work the table lamp under high temperature, high humidity and corrodibility circumstance.
5).  It is better to charge the solar table lamp one time each three month if you don’t often work it, otherwise it would influence battery lifespan.
6). During working the solar table lamp, in order to extend the battery lifespan, please don’t charge it after exhausting battery capacity, as far as possible to charge it when its lighting is weak.
7). When charging it by solar power, in order to get the maximum charging effect, solar panel need be directly radiated by solar, the solar irradiation intensity would influence charging effect among different seasons.
8). When charging it by USB charger, please use standard mobile charger or USB outlet of Computer, please don’t use bad quality mobile charger or the charger whose current is above 500mA, otherwise it may influence the battery lifespan.
9). LED belongs to highlight source, please don’t directly shine eyes, long time to directly shine eyes would hurt sight.
10). Please don’t disassemble this table lamp by yourself if you are not professional.

Detail Presentation for the Table Lamp:

Production for the Solar Table Lamp:

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