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Solar pv control system is the core component for solar system

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Solar PV system mainly includes solar panel, DC-DC conversion device, storage battery, inverter and controller. Although solar pv control system is just one of components for solar system, it plays an important role. Control system is the “brain” of whole of solar pv system, it control whole of process which is from converting solar radiation into power electricity to ultimately distribute power supply to load. Solar PV control system can guarantee solar pv system work under safe and stable state via closed-loop control, it also can keep solar pv system work at maximum power output via some software control. A reasonable and high efficient solar pv control system can not only improve the utilization ratio of solar radiation, but also can reduce cost for power generation. Therefore, solar pv control system need have these functions: 1), It can trace the maximum power point of solar system. 2), It can trace the solar azimuth and height. 3), It can control charging and discharging and protection for battery.

Currently, solar LED lighting is the one of most wide utilizations for solar pv power generation. The power source of solar LED lighting is solar radiation, it doesn’t have to pave complicated wiring task, it is safety, energy-saving and non-contamination. The battery is charged by solar radiation in daytime, battery discharge power to LED lighting working at night. The power On/Off of solar LED lighting can be controlled by light-operated, The MPPT tracing technology is adopted in the solar pv control system of solar LED lighting, to absorb solar radiation at the most, improving the conversion rate of solar pv array, meanwhile it can reduce the operation cost of solar lighting system.

Controller is the core part of solar LED lighting control system, it refer to normal operation and working efficiency for whole of solar pv system. The main function of controller is to control battery being charged by solar panel in daytime, to control battery discharging to load at night, it has light-operation function, which can auto to switch in daytime and night. Controller collect Voltage and Current of solar battery, to realize the MPPT tracing function to solar panels. It collects the terminal voltage of battery, to protect battery from over-charging and over-discharging. It collects temperature to realize temperature compensation. The voltage collection can be realized by Hall Voltage Sensor or Resistance Partial Pressure Method, the current collection can be realized by Hall Voltage Sensor or Current Partial Method.

Controller is very important for solar PV system, especially for solar LED lighting system. The controller is not only to protect battery from over-charging and over-discharging, but also able to control lighting working time, power distributing in off-grid solar lighting system. With solar lighting system being popular increasingly in market, the technology controller is got through greatly developing, the function of solar controller is also more and more powerful.


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