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How to Operate Garden Landscaping Solar Lawn Light (Use Manual ) ?

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Garden landscaping solar lawn light is a renewable environmental friendly product, solar panel absorbs sunlight to produce solar power, then converting solar power into electric power, to store into inside battery, it can be installed in garden, lawn, etc, it can be automatic to bright in night, no need pave cables.

1. Working Principle for Garden Landscaping Solar Lawn Light.

The solar lamp is closed when it is in daytime, its inner battery is charged by solar. The LED lamp is automatic to bright in night.

2. To Test if the LED Lighting Fixture is Normal ?

After opening the lighting system, use a thickness plate to shadow solar panel, to check the LED light work normally or not.

3. Maintenance.

Please tear off the protection film covering the solar panel before application, please clean up the stains on the surface of solar panel regularly, to guarantee the solar panel being able to the optimal charging effects.

If the land is too stiffness, please use some water to wet it, then insert to install, otherwise it may cause the solar product damage.

This garden landscaping solar lawn light should be installed on the area where has sufficient sunlight, to make sure solar panel getting enough solar radiation. Please make sure that there is no any shadow between 9:00 ~ 15:00 in the installation site.
The battery may no power at the first time to use, please open the lighting system at first, then put under sunlight to charge at least 5 hours.
Please be far away from other lighting source, such as street light, pedestrian light, etc, because this lighting source would make the solar lawn light close automatically.

4. Guideline for Fault Solving.

1) Short Lighting Time.
Reason 1: Solar panel doesn’t get sufficient solar radiation.
Solution: (1). Please make sure the garden landscaping solar lawn light being installed in the area where has sufficient sunlight, and ensure no any shadow between 9:00 and 15:00 each day.
(2). Please keep the solar panel is clean.
(3). If it is cloudy or rainy days, the solar panel didn’t get sufficient solar radiation, the solar lawn light would be automatic to work normal after being radiated in sunshine day.

Reason 2: The inside battery has degradation.

Solution: If the solar LED lamp work is less 4 hours after being directly radiated by 3 hours, then you can consider to change a new battery.

2) The Garden Solar Lawn Light can’t bright automatically when it is in night.

Reason 1: The solar lighting system is still not to be turn on.
Solution: Turn on the solar lighting system.

Reason 2: There is other lighting source near its solar panel.

Solution: The solar light can’t bright automatically when it is lightened by other lighting source in night, such as street light. Please install solar light to the dark areas.

3) Turn on it after lighting-off, it just bright shortly each time.

Reason: Battery protection.
Solution: After lighting-off in night, please close the power switch of battery, then open it, the garden landscaping solar lawn light would bright, but it will be off shortly. This is low power battery protection function for solar light, it is normal, not product problem, no need repair, it can recover after being charged.

Above is use manual for solar lawn light, please consult Bingsolar if having any question.


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