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What is performance and advantage for solar LED flood light ?

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LED flood light is the lamp which is installed upper of its lighting objectiveness. Its lighting-head can be adjustable according to requirement, it would not be influenced by climate situation. Solar LED flood light is to combine solar power and flood light. The solar panel integrates LED lamp, and it convert sunlight into electric power to store into battery in daytime, the battery would discharge to provide power for LED lamp in night. Solar flood light has been widely applied for large-scale working field for ore, outline of building, stadium, overpass, monument and garden, etc. Therefore, nearly all of outdoor areas can be illuminated by solar LED flood light. The lighting angle of solar LED flood light is between 0℃~180℃.
solar LED flood light

What is Performance of Solar LED Flood Light ?

1). To adopt the design with shock resistance, which is effective to solve these problems that bulb shedding, shortage of bulb lifespan and bracket broken are caused by strong shack.

2). It is to adopt high efficient LED as lighting source, its lifespan is about 10000 hours, it is specially useful for the unguarded areas.

3). To adopt aluminum alloy and high-tech spraying technology, to keep cover never be rust and corrosion.

4). It has better performance for electromagnetic compatibility, which don’t have electromagnetic disturbance to its surroundings.

5). Solar LED Flood light has better performance for heat dissipation, it can reduce the breakdown rate.

What is advantage for Solar LED Flood Light ?

Solar LED Flood light is colorful, better single color performance, soft lighting, low voltage to work and long lifespan, its circular lifespan can reach 50000 hours. In addition, its lamp body is small, easy to hid and install. It is not easy to damage, no radiation, it can protect its lighting objectiveness, it is widely applied for various fields. Moreover, solar LED flood light can be controlled by remote controller, it is very easy to adjust its brightness and lighting mode by controller.

In a word, solar LED flood light is the outcome that market is in large need of it. Its emerging has brought a lot of convenience for our daily lives.

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