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What is advantages of solar LED lighting ?

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With the decreasing of resource in Earth, the investment cost of foundation energy is increasing, various safe problem and hidden danger of contamination are seen everywhere. Solar energy is friendly environmental renewable energy, it is bottomless of utilization, which is attracted more attention. Solar LED lighting was been developing gradually.


1) It is very easy to install solar LED lighting, no need wiring task. Just need create a concrete foundation support when to install solar lighting, then use stainless steel screw to fix it.


2) The electric fee from public grid is expensive, traditional LED street lighting need consume too much electric fee for working, and need maintain and repair their circuit and other configuration, the maintenance cost is increasing year after year.
Solar LED lighting no need pay electric fee. One time investment for solar LED lighting, no need any maintenance cost, it just need 3 years to return the investment cost, it can get revenue in a long term.

3) There is potential safety hazard for traditional LED street lights. There are many factors to cause this potential safety hazard, such as construction quality, amendment of landscape engineering, materials degradation, abnormal power supply, conflict of water, electricity, air and pipeline, etc.
Solar LED street light is no potential safety hazard. It is low voltage solar product, stable operation, safety and reliability.

4) Environmental friendly, it can create new subject for those development and promotion of noble ecological housing estate, which can reduce the cost of estate management gradually.


In conclusion, Solar LED lighting is safety and no potential hazard, energy-saving, environmental friendly, easy to install, automatic to control, maintenance free, etc. It would bring new obvious advantages for the estate selling and establishment of municipal engineering. It is ideal lighting illumination. With the improvement and development of social living level, solar LED lighting would be widely used for various areas.


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