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Why has increasing traditional LED street light been replaced by solar powered LED street light ?

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With the technological development, solar powered LED street light has got universal application, it is increasingly popular in market. Why is solar LED street light able to replace traditional LED street light ? Now let us talk about this topic.

What is working principle for solar powered LED street light ?

Solar powered LED street light is getting through solar panel to convert sunlight into electric power, then store into battery in daytime, the battery provide power supply for LED lamp to work in night, it is no need pave costly conduit and cables, the LED lamp layout can be adjustable at ease, in addition, it is safe energy and no pollution, no need hand to control, it is stable and reliable to work, saving-energy and maintenance free.

What is advantage for solar powered LED street light ?

1. Energy-Saving.
It exploits nature sunlight source, no need consume electric power, and it is inexhaustible energy.

2. Environmental Friendly.

It coordinates with the requirement of green environmental protection, no pollution, no radiation, which can protect ecologist system.

3. Safety.

It doesn’t use alternating current (AC), it is getting through battery to store the electric power which is converted by solar panel, then converting into luminous energy, which is the most safe power supply.

4. Advanced Technology.

Its core component is intelligent controller, its automatic control, time-control can be automatic to adjust brightness according to sunlight and clients’ requirement in a day.

5. It is long lifespan, low cost to install, convenient maintenance, premium accessories, intelligent design, reliable quality.

6. Simple Installation.

It is unnecessary to excavate for conduit and cables pavement, also don’t have the worry for power cut-off.

7. Good Taste.

It is advanced technological product, cleaning energy, government pays attention to technology and renewable energy.

8. Low Investment.

One time to invest, it can bring benefits in a long run, the investment is less traditional LED street light from long term to consider.

Contrast and Analysis for Solar Powered LED Street Light and Traditional LED Street Light.

1. It is complicated to install traditional LED street light.
There is complicated process during the construction of traditional LED street light, firstly it need pave cables, it has large of foundation work, such as excavating hole to pave conduit, threading cables through inside conduit and backfill, etc. Then it need take long time to debug, it would have large-scale repairing if any circuit has problem. In addition, the requirement of terrain and circuit is complicated, the cost of labor and auxiliary materials is high.
While it is easy to install for solar powered LED street light, there is unnecessary to pave complicated cables during its installation, just need create a cement foundation, then use stainless steel screws to fixt the lamp-post.

2. The electric cost of traditional LED street light is high.

There is fixed costly electric fee during the operation of traditional solar street light, its circuit and other allocations need be maintained or replaced continuously in the long run, its maintenance cost is increasing year after year.
While solar powered LED street light is electric cost free. It is one time to invest, doesn’t have any maintenance cost, it just need 3 years to return investment, and bring benefits in a long run.

3. There is potential safety hazard for traditional LED street light.

There are many potential safety hazards for traditional LED street light because of the construction quality, the reestablishment of landscaping project, the materials ageing, abnormal power supply and the conflict of water, electrical and gas conduits.
While there is no any potential safety hazard for solar powered LED street light, because it is low voltage product, its operation is reliable and safety. There are many advantages for solar powered LED street light, for example, it can newly increase selling point for the development and promotion of noble ecologist communities, it can reduce the cost of property management, to reduce proprietors’ public allocated expense.

In summary, No matter it is from economic benefits or from environmental protection, solar powered LED street light is better traditional LED street light, which is more coordinating with the requirement of technological development, therefore, it is the developing tendency for traditional LED street light being replaced by solar powered LED street light.


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