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Why should solar street light choose lithium battery as power storage ?

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The advantage of energy-saving for solar street light is to make itself be widely applied. Storage battery is one of important components for solar street light, it can be classified as lithium battery, lead-acid battery and gel battery. The advantage of gel battery is obvious.
solar street light lithium battery

1. Lithium Battery is more safe.

Lithium battery belongs to the characteristic of dry battery, it is storage battery which is non pollution, it is more security and stability than lead-acid battery.

2. Intelligent and Optimal Calculation, Reasonable Power Distribution Class.

Lithium battery solar street light also can intelligent calculate and reasonably distribute power class according to electricity surplus, night time and weather situation, which can guarantee 10 cloudy or rainy days.

3. Its Durable Performance is Better.

The durability of lithium battery is more strong, low consumption, charging and discharging are at least 500 circular times, usually its lifespan is 4-5 years. In terms of durability, the circular lifespan of Lead-acid battery is about 300 times, its lifespan is about 2 years. At the same time, the inner of Lead-acid battery has liquid, it should supplement liquid after some time consumption.

4. Battery Capacity.

Usually, the capacity of lithium battery is 8A-10A, the Lead-acid battery is about 20A.

5. Volume and Quality.

The weight of lithium battery is about 2.5KG-3KG, its cubage is small and weight is slight, very easy to carry. The weight of Lead-acid battery is about 16KG-30KG, its cubage is relative big.

According to above presentation, lithium battery has many advantages over lead-acid battery. Lithium battery has more larger capacity under the same size limitation, and it doesn’t have toxic element. It is the tendency of technological development. In order to integrate LED lamp more better, it is important for high capacity with small cubage. As this wide application of small battery cubage, more and more LED lighting products have been powered by solar. The utilization of renewable energy has reduced the consumption of the fossil fuel, it would be the end solution for energy crisis.


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