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Why solar wall light need be developed into market ?

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Human confronts great challenge for economic increasing and energy sustainable developing after entering the 21th century, it has been global hot topic that how to develop economy under the limitation of energy and environmental protection. The energy problem is more serious, it is not only reflected by lacking of normal energy, the more sharp problem is that the development and exploitation of fossil fuel aggravates environment being worsen.
It is indicated as below aspects:

1). Energy Shortage. The uneven distribution and limitation of normal energy lead to most of Countries are in short supply for energy in the world, it can’t meet the requirement for their economic development. From the long term, the global oil storage which already has been found just can be exploited up to 2020, natural gas also can just be exploited up to around 2040, even if abundant storage coal resource also can just be used about 200-300 years. Therefore, human will face depletion of energy resources.


2). Environmental Contamination. The consumption of coal, petroleum and other fossil fuel would release hundreds of thousands of tons of Sulphur and other hazardous substance to atmosphere each year, which causes atmosphere getting very serious polluted, it would directly effect inhabitant’s health and life quality, even it could cause acid rain in some areas, the land and water resources have been got extremely polluted.

3). Greenhouse Effect. The exploitation of fossil fuel not only causes environmental contamination, but also let out a mass of greenhouse gas to form greenhouse, which would lead to the change of global climate.

Solar power is renewable energy, it has been exploited by human being long before. With the rapid development of technology and technique, the increasing serious issue of global energy crisis, it already can’t meet the requirement of world economic rapid development if just exploiting normal energy. To exploit and utilize renewable energy, especially for solar energy, has attracted many Countries’ governments’ attention. Meanwhile, taking coal, petroleum as fuel oil has confronted severe environmental contamination, moreover, the improvement of resident’s living standard enlarge more and more requirement of energy, which compels governments and society to exploit and utilize renewable energy at most. 

Therefore, the exploitation of renewable and non-contamination solar energy arises in various Countries in the world, the solar pv industry has got rapidly development in the world. According to the requirement of sustainable strategy and environmental protection, solar pv generation will replace normal energy in future.

Presently, solar companies are facing new opportunity. As the gradual mature technology and decreasing cost, the utilization of solar energy has appeared everywhere. Various of solar electric devices which is utilization of solar energy has got rapid developing.


Solar Wall light is one of solar energy exploitation, let us introduce solar wall light as below:

1. The advantages of solar wall light.
Solar wall light is powered by solar, don’t need pave complicated wiring task, it is safety, energy-saving and non-contamination. Solar pv control system can combine the technology of solar pv generation and singlechip smart control, and it has simple circuit configuration, reliable and stable working, strong practicability.

As above description, comparing with tradition LED wall light, solar wall light has below advantages:


1). Energy-saving and Environmental Protection. Solar power is a renewable and cleaning energy, it not also save energy consumption, but also reduce the emission load of carbon dioxide. Digital indicates that solar wall light can reduce the emission load of carbon dioxide about 77.4 million each year, it is amount to saving about 31 billion dollar for the cost of emission reduction of carbon dioxide.

2). Reliability and Durability. When solar wall light works under harsh environmental and climate condition, solar pv system is seldom to break down. Presently, the production technology of most solar pv modules can keep the performance without decreasing for 10 years, the power generation of solar panel can be up to 25 years or more long.


3). Low Cost. In terms of product price and the first investment, the cost of solar wall light is higher than traditional wall light. But if considering the lifespan and maintenance cost of 15 years, the total cost that solar wall light is less than traditional LED wall light under its lifespan. The scale is more larger, the relative installation cost of traditional LED wall light is more higher.


4). Safety and Stability. The maintenance of traditional LED wall light is obvious higher than solar wall light, and the cost would increase according to more long time to use. Solar wall light is maintenance free, absolute security, its control mode can be changed to enhance its stability.


5). Autonomous Power Supply. Off-grid solar wall light has autonomous power supply performance and flexible.

Moreover, the advantages of solar LED wall light is not just above presentation. LED has high lighting quality, non-radiation, reliability and durability, low maintenance cost, it belongs to green lighting resource. The successful development of super lighting LED has greatly reduced the utilization cost of solar lights. It is environmental friendly, easy to install and operate, economy and energy-saving.


The combination technology of solar and LED is adopted to develop solar wall light field, it is completely accordance with the modernization design belief of “Green, Energy-Saving, Low Cost”.

2. The current application of solar wall light.

In China, under the promotion of sustainable development strategy, solar industry has got rapid developing. Most of Research Academy has make more detail study for solar wall light, especially in recent years, under the direction of industry development idea which is “scale up industry, improving technology, superior product and standardization market”, solar industry has been rapid developed, such as solar heater, solar cell technology, and the quality of solar product being improved.

Recently, with the enlargement of urban construction scale and the improvement of construction level, in China, the quantities of solar wall light are being increasing as average 20% each year. For this purpose, Ministry of Construction and NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission) obviously put forward that the cities road lighting need be developed toward the green illumination which is “high efficiency, energy-saving, environmental friendly, health”. Solar wall light has a big potential market.

In Europe, every Country is developing the direction to get durable energy, the main factors which effect their strategy are environmental protection, creating employment opportunity and the safety and reliable of energy supply, the renewable technology has a big advantage in these aspects. It has small effect to environment, being able to replace parts of normal energy, enhancing the safety and reliability of energy supply. It need large equipment investment, creating more employment opportunities, which is helpful for economic increasing.

In most area of Europe, the concept of environmental protection promotes the exploitation of alternative energy, solar power is treated as a superb alternative energy. The exploitation of solar power can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, then it achieves the environmental protection effectiveness, some Countries, such as Denmark, Finland, Germany and Switzerland, all think that the climate warming is the main factor to promote the research, exploitation and development of solar energy. Even if being effected by low price of normal energy, solar wall light still keep sustainable developing in most Countries of Europe.



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