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What is solar home lighting system ?

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Solar home lighting system consists of solar panels, solar host (integrated with solar controller, inverter and battery), LED lights or other appliances.

1.Solar panel is the core component of solar home lighting system, its function is to convert solar radiation into electricity, then output DC stored in battery. Solar panel is the one of important components of solar home lighting system, its conversion rate and lifespan are the important factor to decide its value.


Material of solar panel:
-1). Solar cell: To adopt high efficient (above 16.5%) monocrystalline solar cells to assemble, to guarantee its sufficient generation.
-2). Glass: To adopt low iron tempered glass, thickness is 3.2mm, its light transmittance is above 91% under the condition that the reaction wave length of solar cell spectrum is 320-1100nm, it will have more reflection rate for those which are above 1200nm. The glass can stand the radiation of solar ultraviolet ray without decreasing light transmittance.
-3). EVA: To adopt the premium EVA layer which anti-UV, oxidation resistance and its thickness of curing agent is 0.78mm as sealing glue and connection glue between glass and TPT. It has high light transmittance and degradation resistance.
-4). TPT: The backside of solar panel is covered a layer of white fluorine plastic film which has reflection function for sunlight, so it can have a little improving for efficiency, at the same time, it has more high radiation rate of infrared ray,which can reduce working temperature for solar module and improve module efficiency.
-5). Frame: Its aluminum alloy frame is high strength, strong shock resistance, it is the high value part of solar home lighting system as well. Its function is to convert sunlight radiation into electricity, or store power into battery, or push load to work.


2.Solar host is integrated with solar controller, solar inverter and battery.


Solar controller:
-1). Utilize single chip micyoco and special software, to realize its control.
-2). Use discharging characteristic of battery to amend its correct discharging control. Discharging final voltage is the correct voltage which is the control point that amended by discharge rate curve, having eliminated the incorrect voltage which is over current which is controller by voltage only, therefore, different discharge rate has different final voltage.
-3). Over-charge free, over-discharge free, anti short circuit, anti reverse connection. These function don’t damage any component and don’t melt fuss.
-4). To adopt series connection PWM as main charging circuit, it will reduce half voltage loss, charging efficiency is higher 3%-6%, improve discharging time. The recovery voltage after over discharge, normal direct charge, float charge automatic control to make system more long lifespan and have more high precision temperature compensation.
-5). Obviously LED indicator screen for battery state, let users know its electricity situation.
-6). All of controllers are to adopt industry chip, it can work under cold weather,wet circumstance and to utilize crystal oscillator timing control to timing control precision.
-7). Having canceled the set point which is adjusted to control by potentiometer, digitization setting, to eliminate the correction and reliable reduce which is caused by poteniometer
.-8). To utilize digital LED indicator and setting, just one button can complete all of setting, very convenient and easy to control the work state of whole system, and protect battery from over-charge and over-discharge.

Battery:The function of battery is to store electric power which is generated by solar panel when having sunlight radiation, it would discharge when have request. Solar battery is application of battery in the solar generation system. Solar battery have lead-acid battery with maintenance free, ordinary Lead-acid battery,glue battery and alkaline Nickel battery. The main battery in China is Lead-acid battery with maintenance free and glue battery, as this battery is maintenance free and low contamination, which is very suitable for solar system.

Inverter:The voltage output from solar panel is DC12V, DC24V and DC48V. In order to provide supply for AC220V home appliances, require to convert DC into AC, so need solar invert to realize this function.

With module efficient improvement, Governments of many Countries give high support to develop solar generation system. Solar home lighting system is key importance in our life, if more home appliances powered by solar, more fossil fuel energy would be saved,more contamination would be decreased.

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