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Outdoor Solar Garden Landscaping Light

LED garden landscaping light with solar panel, lithium battery built-in, it can be charged only if having solar radiation, widely used for courtyard.

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Off-Grid Solar Lighting System Designer

Bingsolar dedicates to research and develop solar lighting application, to decorate gardens for customers, provide leisure life for residents.

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Solar Home Lighting System

Lighting powered by solar is future. Portable solar power system is widely applicable for home and remote journey. More solar, Less pollution.

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Dedicates to Solar Lighting System

Bingsolar specializes in solar lighting system, research and development for solar application products. With Bingsolar effort, more and more solar lighting products were published to market. Powered by solar is renewable and environmental friendly. We are dedicating to accelerate solar application products development, to save more fossil fuel energy. With enjoying colorful lighting life, we should have sense to protect our environment from pollution. Energy is renewable in future.

Dedicates to Solar Lighting System
Serious Inspection

Serious Inspection

All of Bingsolar products need be inspected seriously before delivery. QC team have responsibility for quality. QC team should control quality seriously according to company policy. Every process should be performed to quarantee products quality for customers. If having customers’ reflection for quality problem, QC team should have a meeting to disscus, should pay attention to any reflection from customers.

Our Sales Team

To provide excellent service for customers is our obligation. Our sales clerk, straightly keep contact with customers, which is very important to provide professional direction and service. We have a strong sales team to solve any question for clients. At the same time, our sales responsible persons should patiently provide project suggestion for customers if they have requirement. To create achivement for customers is our mission.

Our Sales Team
About Us

About Us

Bingsolar dedicates to solar application products, including solar home lighting system, solar LED wall light, solar LED flood light, solar LED sensor light, solar LED garden light, solar street light,etc. With technology development, more and more solar application products were published to market, which is a great progress. As a brand for solar lighting system, Bingsolar always provides customers excellent service and supply high performance solar products.……

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