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Should I buy solar motion sensor light for my courtyard ?

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When you want to buy LED lights for your courtyard decoration, I think you would consider to buy grid powered LED lights or solar motion sensor LED lights. We already knew more about grid powered outdoor LED lights, while still a lot of people just knew a little of solar motion sensor light. I think you should learn more about solar sensor light before making decision. Now let us learn more about it together.
solar motion sensor light
In recent years, solar product which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving has been rapidly developed and applied. Such as solar heater can be viewed for a lot of residents. Besides solar heater, solar power integrating LED lighting also be widely applied, it is inexhaustible energy, such as solar motion sensor light, outdoor solar garden landscaping light and solar lawn light, etc, which is greatly good for the reduction of environmental pollution, and energy-saving. Solar motion sensor light has been used for many public occasions or private courtyards.

Now let us talk about the function and principle of solar motion sensor light. Solar motion sensor light can control its own brightness according to sunlight situation of the day. It has light-control, voice-control and human body-induction function. Usually, its sensor distance is 3m to 5m. Its polycrystalline solar panel is high conversion rate, long lifespan and waterproof. Moreover, the lighting source is to adopt advanced LED chip which is long lifespan, long power wastage and high brightness. In addition, It also has PIR motion sensor function, its humanization design is safety and reliability.

solar motion sensor light

In addition, there are many advantages for solar motion sensor light.

1) Waterproof IP65 design.
It is to adopt upper plate fastening down plate to design, the waterproof sealed rubber built-in.

2) It is easy to install.

The installation height is suggested as 2m to 3m if solar sensor light is installed on wall, its maximum lighting range is about 20m^2.

3) Humanization Design.

To adopt Pin waterproof type of power on, just need open the lighting system at the first one time, then it would bright in night and turn off in daytime automatically.

4) IR Sensor.

Solar motion sensor light is charged in daytime and work in night automatically, this function is realized by IR sensor.
solar motion sensor light

As above description, it is obvious that solar motion sensor light is better than grid powered LED light. I think now you can make your decision, yes, it is correct decision to choose solar motion sensor light. With the development of technology, the exploitation of solar power has been more and more wide, especially to integrate with LED lighting.

It can bring a lot of benefits to do solar LED lighting business, at the same time, to get more benefits can accelerate the technological development and improvement for solar application. Solar power has been applied for most of LED lighting, and it would be more and more widely applied for other illuminating fields in near future. What we should do is to explore technology and provide more and more solar lighting fixtures to the world. To bring more lighting by renewable energy is to make more donation for environment and to protect our earth from destroying.


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