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What are structural components for LED garden landscaping light?

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With the social development, the modernization community establishment and high-end villa have used few traditional lighting sources, the energy-saving and beautiful LED garden landscaping light have been universal application. As a kinds of outdoor lighting fixture, usually, LED garden landscaping light is the roadway lighting fixture whose height is under 6m, its main structural component is lighting source, lamp head, lamp-post, flange plate and basic embedded part. As it can beautify and decorate environment because of its variety and beautiful appearance, it is also said LED landscape lighting decorative light. It is mainly applied for urban slow lane, narrow lane, communities, tourist spots, public garden and plaza, which can prolong residence’s outdoor activities times and improve their security guarantee.
LED Garden Landscaping Light
With the technological development of LED garden landscaping light, various kinds of categories LED garden lights were designed according to different environments and styles, such as European style LED garden landscaping light, modernization LED garden light and classical LED decorative garden light. In terms of European style LED garden landscaping light, its design style is to adopt European Countries’ European artistic element, incorporating abstract to present, such as LED crown garden light. Regards to modernization LED garden light, its design style is to adopt modern artistic element, to utilize simplified method to present, such as spring bud LED garden light. For classical LED decorative garden light, its design style is to adopt China’s classical elements to apply and remodel, such as LED palace lantern. These three categories of LED garden lights represent different styles, they are also the outcome which is manufacturers to produce to cater for urban building establishment styles.
LED Garden Landscaping Light

After introducing the characteristics of LED garden landscaping light, let us talk about its main structural components.

1. Its Lighting Source.
Lighting source is the key important component for all of lighting products, different brands and kinds of lighting sources can be selected according to different lighting requirement, the lighting source includes incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, sodium lamp, metal halogen lamp, ceramic metal halide lamp and new-style LED light.

2. Light-Head.

Above 80% of reflector is to adopt lampshade whose light transmittance is above 90%, high waterproof IP65 to prevent mosquito and rainy from entering, it also needs have reasonable light-distribution lampshade and inner structure to avoid dazzle to influence walkers’ and vehicles’ safety.

3. Lamp-Post.

Usually, the lamp-post height of LED garden landscaping light is below 6m, the universal lamp-post include equal-diameter steel pole, anisotropic steel pole, equal diameter aluminum pole, cast aluminum lamp-post and aluminum alloy lamp-post. The universal diameter includes 60mm, 76mm, 89mm, 100mm, 114mm, 140mm and 165mm, according to different height and occasions, the selection materials arm thickness includes 2.5mm, 3mm and 3.5mm.
LED Garden Landscaping Light

Above has briefly introduced the characteristics and structural components of LED garden landscaping light. It would be helpful for customers to purchase according to projects after learning more its characteristics and structure. Customers shouldn’t just pay attention its prices, the structure and characteristics also are important for them. The structural components have decided its quality and lifespan, different materials have different quality and lifespan, such as LED lighting source, different brands have different lumen even if they are the same 1W. In a word, more factors should be considered when planning to purchase LED garden landscaping light for projects, not just prices.


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