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What is the technological direction of LED Lighting Application?

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LED has advantage for energy-saving and environmental protection, its development has become the main tendency in lighting industry. As the technology and product characteristics of LED is different with traditional lighting fixture, its application direction is also different with traditional lighting sources. Now let us briefly introduce the characteristics of LED before explaining its application technological direction.

LED lamp is small size, weight is slight, and it is encapsulated by epoxy resin, it can withstand strong shock and vibration, it is not easy to break, and its lighting attenuation period is long, so its cycle lifespan can be up to 50,000-100,000 hours which has far surpassed the lifespan of traditional tungsten lamp (its lifespan is just 1000 hours) and fluorescent lamp (its cycle lifespan is 10,000 hours). As the cycle lifespan of LED can be up to 5-10 years, it has greatly reduced the alternative cost. In addition, LED just need small current to drive, its power consumption is just half of fluorescent lamp.

LED Lighting Application

After briefly introducing LED, now let us talk about its lighting application direction.

1. Exterior Lighting for Building.
LED light can bright to outstand some area of building, it is to adopt the knob of beam lighting angle control and flood lighting fixture of square shape, which coordinates with traditional flood light. But as the lighting source of LED is small and thinness, the linear projection has become the advantage of LED flood lighting fixture. It is very easy to install, excellently being compatible with the surface of building, to bring new lighting effect.

2. Landscape Lighting.

LED light can be greatly compatible with urban street or roadside, it can provide lighting for urban leisure space, such as route, stairway, deck, waterfront region and gardening, etc. Various colorful LED lighting can decorate urban night or tourist spots.
LED Lighting Application

3. Lighting for Sign or Indicator.

LED lighting also can be used for some space limitation and occasions direction, such as separated display for road surface, local lighting for the step of staircase and indicator lighting for emergency exit, etc. In addition, when to compare with neon lamp, LED is low voltage to drive and don’t have fragile glass, its cost will not increase because of winding craft, so LED is valuable to promote for sign design.

4. Lighting for Indoor Space Display.

LED has a high lighting quality, because it doesn’t have heat, ultraviolet ray and infrared ray to radiate, it wouldn’t be harmful for exhibit. To compare with traditional lighting sources, LED lighting is no need to add filtering device, its lighting system is simple, long cost and easy to install. Its accurate lighting distribution can replace the optical fiber lighting for museum. Most of commercial lighting would adopt colorful LED light, to coordinate with indoor decorative white lighting color, which is good for the low space.

5. Lighting for places of amusement and stage.

As LED lighting can be dynamically controlled, its lighting color, brightness also can be digitally controlled, lively saturated color can create the light-effect for static and dynamic state. Any lighting from white color to full spectrum, the application of LED has created a new idea in this kind of space.
LED Lighting Application

6. Video Screen.

Full color LED display screen is the most spectacular outdoor big display device, it is to adopt advanced digital video process technology, its super big size and super brightness are inapproachable. According to different outdoor environmental situation, to adopt different style of lighting pixel, to realize different brightness, color and resolution, to meet different application requirement.

7. Indicator Lighting for vehicles.

LED lighting also can provide indicator illumination for electric vehicles, motorcycles and car, etc.

In a word, LED lighting has been applied for many fields, nowadays, it also used for solar industry, such as solar LED garden light, solar LED lawn light and solar LED landscape light, etc. LED lighting has become indispensable for our lives.


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