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What is different for LED Garden Light and LED Landscape Light?

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There are many kinds of lighting fixtures for courtyard decoration, these LED courtyard lights have illumination function, and they also have very high appreciation value because of their specialized appearance. Among so popular LED courtyard lights, do you know what is different for LED garden light and LED landscape light? Now let us talk about the topic.
LED Garden Light & Landscape Light
1. The difference of LED Garden Light and LED Landscape Light.
1) LED landscape light is also named as decorative illumination lamp, namely, this LED light has good appreciation value and it also have illumination function. Usually, LED landscape light is paid more attention its outside appearance and light-effect, different atmosphere can be created according to requirement, it is more paid attention to the decorative effect that the LED light brings. There are many kinds of LED landscape lights, such as LED street light, LED footlight and LED high-pole lamp, etc.

2) Usually, LED garden light is the kinds of roadway illumination lamp which is below 6m height, it is one of outdoor decorative solar lights, its main function is for illumination, so its appearance and design are relatively simple, and its light-effect is not paid more attention. The main structure of LED garden light is LED lamp, long power consumption, long lifespan.

LED Garden Light & Landscape Light
2. What should be noticed when to purchase LED garden light?
1) Please notice the appearance of LED lamp. Although the main function of LED garden light is for illumination, accessory function is for decoration, the design of LED lamp can’t isolate the style of whole courtyard. Usually, outdoor LED lawn light is more universal among LED garden light, this kinds of light can make the most of its lighting and decorative function, it can keep brightness for whole of courtyard, at the same time, its appearance also coordinates with the style of whole courtyard, which also decorates the night lighting landscape.

2) Please pay attention to the lighting color of LED garden light, usually, its lighting color includes red, blue, yellow, green and white, etc, at the same time, white color also can be classified as warm white and cold white. Different lighting color can bring different visual experience, it can be selected according to requirement. But please also notice its CRI (color rendering index), usually, the CRI is higher, the LED garden light is better.

3) Please notice the beam angle of LED garden light. Presently, the normal beam angle of LED garden light includes 15-degree, 30-degree, 45-degree, 60-degree, 100-degree, 120-degree and 180-degree. The LED garden light whose beam angle is below 30-degree can be selected if you want to create spotlight effect in courtyard. If you want to illuminate more large-area, the LED garden light whose beam angle is 45-degree or 60-degree can be selected.

4) Please attention the brand and warranty of LED garden light. LED is a kind of new-style lighting fixture, the product must conform to some security standardization, to avoid potential safety hazard. So, customers should look for reliable manufacturer when to purchase LED garden light. Moreover, its warranty also should be noticed, usually, the warranty of small LED garden light is one year, such as LED lawn light. The warranty of LED landscape light is 2-3 years, such as LED street light and LED high-post light, etc.

According to above introduction, I think most of customers can learn more about the difference of LED garden light and LED landscape light. In fact, in many occasions, we don’t have to clearly distinguish which one is LED garden light and which one is LED landscape light, we just need feel leisure and happy when watching LED courtyard light. Above difference is also available for solar powered garden light and solar powered landscape light.


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