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What do you think of outdoor solar lighting fixture ?

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In our daily lives, we are consuming natural energy, especially for fossil oil, coal, rare metals and other fossil fuel and mineral materials, these traditional energy are decreasing. Confronting energy crisis, is there any innovation or alternative energy ? The answer is yes, Human being is relying on technology to research and develop new energy, such as solar energy which has got a great progress. Nowadays, most of roadsides have been illuminated by solar lighting fixtures. Then what do you think of outdoor solar lighting fixture, do you know what is its advantages ? Now let us talk about it.

What is advantages of outdoor solar lighting fixture ?
There is no doubt that the first advantage is to save electric cost. For traditional solar lighting fixture, the earliest power was from thermal power, subsequently, hydroelectric generation and nuclear power have been developed, which is consuming natural resources. While, solar lighting fixture is directly to convert sunlight into electric power, which is cleaning energy and doesn’t make any damage to environment, it is to store energy in daytime and illuminate in night automatically, it not only meet human being’s activities in night, but also save too much power for grid power station, solar lighting is a nice fixture.

What do you think of outdoor solar lighting fixture ?
The most advantage of solar lighting is to convert sunlight into electric power, it is the integration of LED lamp and solar panel, it reply on the characteristic of solar panel to convert solar power into electric power, getting through wire to store into its inner battery, after being radiated a day, solar panel has stored enough power into battery to provide illumination for one night. In addition, solar power is inexhaustible energy and it is non-pollution, which has got more and more attention by human.

What is the exploitation of solar lighting fixture ?
Although solar lighting fixture has been popularly utilized in our daily lives, it also has its limitation, because the solar conversion is still relative low, and its voltage is not high. However, now more and more new technology has been incorporated into solar lighting fixture, it can keep solar lighting to bright in a long time, such as PIR motion sensor technology, ALS2.0 (Adaptor Lighting System ) technology to support solar light continue to work more days for cloudy and rainy. This appearing of new technology has broken through industrial bottleneck, which has accelerated the developing of outdoor solar lighting fixture.

The emerging of new energy has indicated that human’s history entered into a new generation. For example, the first industrial revolution had changed human’s lives style and consuming states. As the most huge energy center in energy industry, solar power would be widely applied for every corner spreading the world in future. With the technological innovation, solar power would be widely exploited by human being, and outdoor solar lighting fixtures would be commonly applied in our daily lives.


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