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How to install solar powered LED wall light for outdoor wall?

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Nowadays, solar powered LED wall light is popularly applied for outdoor illumination, it is installed on wall to provide lighting for walkers. In daytime it is charged by solar and work in night automatically. It doesn’t consume any grid electric power, which is named as a kinds of renewable lighting products. As its many advantages, most of customers want to purchase for the outside wall of their building, then they want to know how to install the solar wall light, now let us talk about this topic.
Currently, there are three types of installation for solar powered LED wall light as below:

1. Use iron nail or stainless-steel nail to install solar light on the wall. For this kind of products, manufacturers would pack the screws and expanded colloid, etc together with product. After receiving product, customers just need select the installation site, to punch the installation hole to be relative with the installation site, then put expanded colloid in the installation holes, use screws to fix the solar LED light on the wall. This installation type is very firmness, wind blows and rain falls would not influence it.

Solar Powered LED wall light


2. Other installation can directly use 3M rubble handle to fix solar LED light on the wall, but please note that the solar LED light can’t be too heavy if use this installation type, at the same time, the installation site can’t be the flaking wall or powder dropping areas. Sometime the too smooth wall surface is also not suitable to be installed. Its advantage is easy to install, no need any instrument, and it can be installed in most of walls.
Solar Powered LED wall light

3. Some solar powered LED wall light which has fastener can be installed on hedge and pentrough areas. It is also easy to install, just need assemble product into the fastener, and adjust the hole width of fastener to the relative installation site, then to install on the hedge and use matching screws to fix. This installation type is also firmness, it can withstand wind and rainy. The advantage of this installation type is easy to install, defectiveness is that the installation site would be slightly restrained.

Solar Powered LED wall light

Most of solar powered LED wall lights are to adopt above installation types. But there are still other solar LED wall lights to adopt other installation types, and there will have various of installation types being invented in future. When customers plan to purchase solar powered LED wall light for projects, they should check the installation site and keep the solar wall light to touch enough sunlight. Different installation types have different advantages, they are invented for different projects. Moreover, the installation type also can be customized according to customers’ requirement. For example, if some customer has project for solar LED wall light to be embed inside wall, this kind of installation type can be customized according to project requirement. The development of solar powered LED wall light should coordinate with market demand. That is the reason why a lot of different solar powered LED wall light appearing in market.


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