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500W Multi-function Solar Electric Power Generation with AC& DC Output

Publish Time:2017/11/17 Portable Solar Supply View:1089

Item No. BSP506D(Yellow)
Brand Bingsolar
Solar Panel 40W,18V
Lithium Battery 40Ah,built-in
Charging Time 10~12 hours
Discharge Time 148h for 1 buble, 74h for two bubles
Output Power 500W
AC Output 2pcs 220V/ 110V
Host Weight 6.75KG
Host Size 40*24*10cm
Detail Parameter

Product Introduction:
This product is DC&AC Inverter control solar generation which is integrated with illumination, charging for digital products, power supply for miniwatt electric appliances. To adopt intelligent electric board to control, having realized smart managing for battery charging and discharging. The protection of over-charging and over-discharging can be efficient to prolong battery lifespan. Appearance design is fashion, easy to carry and utilize. Powered by solar, don’t consume fossil fuel, the lithium battery can be charged only if putting the solar panel under solar directly radiation, making design to use socket outlet for AC output, easy to operate, it has been one of indispensable products for outside trip, long journey, and wild exploration, etc.

Product Features:

This product has a better acceptance in market, especially for those remote areas. Lithium battery built-in, easy to use, it can be charged only if connecting with solar panel and putting under sunlight. Low-carbon and environmentally-friendly, 5V, 2.0 USB output, AC220V/110V Output, to keep your mobile phone, home miniwatt appliances from power cutting.

Working Principle:

Solar panel can convert solar radiation into power electricity, through controller to store into lithium battery. DC 5V output can charge digital devices, DC 12V Output can be power supply for LED illumination sources, AC 220V/110V can be power supply for fan, television, computer, small refrigerator and other miniwatt appliances.

Item No.: BSP506D (Yellow)
Solar Panel: 40W, 18V With 5m Cable
Lithium Battery Built-in 40Ah, 11.1V
Charging Time 8-12 hours
Discharging Time 74 hours for 2pcs 3W LED lights
Output Power 500W
DC Outlet 4pcs 14V/4A
AC Outlet 2pcs 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz
USB Outlet 4pcs 5V/2A
LED Bubles 2pcs 3W LED bubles
Accessories 1pcs USB, 2pcs 5m cables for buble
Color Red,Yellow for option


This portable solar generation is our newest product, having high performance. There are yellow and red for customers’ option.  It is widely used for remote area, emergency backup for power cutting, mobile power station for camping, outside trip, etc. Providing premium solar products is our obligation, we would publish more and more new products according to clients’ reflection. Long run business cooperation is warmly welcome !


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