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Why has Solar PV Power Generation got More and More Popular ?

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Under the support of government’s subsidy and relative department’s attention, solar pv power generation has got more and more popular. Why is it so welcome ? Let us analysis its reasons today.

1. Solar PV Power Generation is low carbon and environmentally friendly.

Under the global air quality decrease, solar PV power generation is a renewable and environmentally friendly energy, it is inexhaustible, which has brought fresh air to every one.

2. Solar PV Power generation is leading the technology and fashion.

One time to make investment, electric cost free can be enjoyed for 25 years, and it doesn’t have pollution emission, which is a fashionable high technology.

3. Solar PV Power generation can release electric requirement.

Most residents who have installed rooftop solar PV system would feel that they can open air conditioner without considering about electric cost in daytime, moreover, they can get US$0.065/KWH from Government’s and local subsidy, which is considerable income.

4. Solar PV Power generation also can block sunlight to directly radiate rooftop and be heat insulation.

After large-scale to pave solar PV modules, it can effectively reduce indoor temperature for 3℃ to 5℃, especially in summer, it can save the electric cost from air conditioner.

5. Off Grid Solar PV Power generation can meet the demand of uninterrupted power.

It is the most power consumption in Summer, most of areas are always power cut-off. If to install an off-grid solar PV power generation, the off grid battery backup can be automatically started when the power is cut off suddenly, the battery can provide power for illumination, refrigerator, fan, and TV etc.

Solar PV Power generation can be more and more popular, on the one hand it has irreplaceable advantages, on the other hand, it has government’s great support, the subsidy for solar power generation is continuing for 20 years, which benefits residents. In addition, it can effectively improve ecological condition and reduce air pollution.


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