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Would you like to have an outdoor solar lighting fixture ?

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Coal is consumed by human beings at any time. The energy is decreasing because of unreasonable exploitation, such as fossil oil, natural gas, etc. Under the pressure of energy crisis, human being researched renewable energy relying on technology, solar power is one of renewable energy. Presently, outdoor solar lighting fixture is widely applied for road, courtyard, public occasions and garden, etc. Now let us learn more about it.
outdoor solar lighting fixture

1. How does outdoor solar lighting fixture work ?

1) There is no doubt that lighting fixture need be powered to work, while there are many ways to get electric power, such as nuclear power and hydropower, these powers need consume natural energy. However, in terms of solar lighting fixture, it converts sunlight into electric power, which doesn’t damage environment during converting. It stores electric power into battery in daytime, and provides power for LED lamp in night, which is a good operation.

2) After getting electric power from solar panel, it stores the power into battery. After being charged in whole of day, the battery has sufficient power to provide for LED lamp to work in night. At the same time, don’t be worried about exhausted issues for solar power, it is energy-saving and environmental protection, which is popularly welcomed.

3) Nevertheless, solar lighting fixture also has its own limitation, as the conversion rate of solar cells is low, and its voltage is also low, usually solar lighting fixture is used for outdoor, doesn’t use for indoor. Even if it can be used for indoor, its cost would be very high. Presently, solar lighting fixtures are popularly well-known as solar garden light and solar street light.

outdoor solar lighting fixture

2. What should be noticed during the utilization of outdoor solar lighting fixture ?

1). The performance of LED is very similar with diode, in order to ensure security, usually it would adopt series connection to realize the restriction of resistance and current, which would cause a lot of power wastage. But this problem can be solved by boosting circuit or to adopt constant current. In a word, please do not forget to restrict current automatically, otherwise it would damage LED lighting source.

2). Usually, the peak current of LED is 50-100mA, the reverse current is around DC6V, please notice not to surpass this limitation during utilizing. It might damage LED lighting source if to exceed this limitation.

3). Even if it is the same batch and the same item LED, its working voltage would have difference, which can’t be parallel connection, if it is necessary to use by paralleling connection, please consider its even current.

outdoor solar lighting fixture

Would you like to have an outdoor solar lighting fixture ? I think you would like it. Because its limitation has got solved gradually with technological development. Outdoor solar lighting fixture has become mature product in market. It is one of kinds of electric products, but it is different with ordinary electric products. It need be provided electric power to work, but it doesn’t consume fossil fuel, moreover, it is hopeful to solve energy crisis in the world. Technology has brought infinite possibilities to our lives and make it be more and more beautiful.

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