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What is Main Components for Portable Solar Power Generation System ?

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With technological development, presently most of products are developing toward small and portable. Solar power generation is a kind of energy-saving power generation method, as the mature technology, solar power generation has realized portable, it is very convenient to carry, which has solved the power shortage situation. Now let us talk about the main components for portable solar power generation system.

Solar Panel

Solar panel is the core component of portable solar power generation system, it is also the most value part of solar power system. Its function is to convert solar power into electric power, or transmit electric power to store into battery, or drive loads to work.

Solar Controller

The function of solar controller is to control the working states of whole solar system, and it can protect battery from over-charge and over-discharge. In high range of temperature, qualified solar controller also should have temperature compensation function. Other assistant function includes Light-Control power switch, time-control power switch, etc.

Storage Battery

In order to easily carry, the portable solar system is to adopt lithium battery which has high storage energy density, it is 6 to 7 times of lead-acid battery, long lifespan, low self-discharge rate which is below 1% annually, slightly weight which is one fifth to one sixth times of lead-acid battery under the same size condition. It has high adaptability for high and low temperature, it can work at the circumstance temperature with -20℃-60℃. Lithium battery is environmentally friendly, there is no any lead, mercury and cadmium which are harmful metal elements during its production, utilization and run out. The function of battery is to store the electric power which is converted by solar panel.

Solar Inverter

In many occasion, we need use AC110V-220V appliances. As the directly output of solar panel is DC12V, DC24V and DC48V, in order to provide power supply for AC110V-220V appliances, the DC need be converted to be AC, thereby DC-AC inverter is adopted.

Solar panel, battery and inverter are the essential components of portable solar power generation system. Solar power generation can provide power for the machines which consume too much power as usual, especially for those machines which need store power, that is to say it is very convenient. But we should remind that maintenance measure should be prepared when we use portable solar power generation system.

As above introduction, there are four main components for portable solar power generation system. A host has integrated inverter, battery and controller which is easy to carry and move. So we just can view a host, solar panel and its accessories when we buy it. There are DC and AC output in the host, customers can use the host to charge or power supply for DC and AC appliances. The weight of host is about 6.75KG, it can be used for home, outdoor travel and camping, etc. Battery, inverter and controller are inside the host, and these components can work well. In daytime, battery get through controller to store electric power which is converted by solar panel. Battery get through controller to discharge when it is in need of power. Controller can protect battery during this operation. Inverter work when it need provide power supply for AC appliances.


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