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Do you know how to classify outdoor LED lighting fixture?

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Let us learn some basic knowledge for lighting fixture before talking about outdoor LED lighting. Lighting fixture is the device which can transmit light, distribute and change lighting source distribution, it includes all of the components which are used to fix and protect lighting source, it also includes the necessary cable accessories which connect with power supply. Lighting fixture is used for every aspects of our lives, it is very important for our daily lives. There are abundant categories of lighting fixture and various of design lighting fixtures entering into market. The outdoor LED lighting fixture is one of the widest application lighting products.
Outdoor LED Lighting fixture

Now Let us talk about the categories for outdoor LED lighting fixture. How to classify it?

1. LED Street Light.
It is mostly used to lighting for roadway, highway, main lane and driveway, etc. LED street light is necessary for outdoor illumination.

2. Solar LED Street Light.

With technological development, most of LED street lights have been replaced by solar LED street light which is a kinds of renewable energy lighting product. Solar LED street light is powered by solar energy, to store electric power into battery, lighting source is LED chip. Solar LED street light is charged in daytime and work in night.

3. LED Garden Light.

The lighting source and lampshade of LED garden light is mainly upward installation, the strip light and bracket are installed in the lawn of courtyard and garden, which is very specially applicable for public gardens, flower gardens in the city center, hotels, the courtyard of enterprises and schools, etc.
Outdoor LED Lighting fixture

4. LED Underground Light.

The lamp-body of LED underground light is die-casting aluminum or stainless-steel materials, it is stiffness, durability, waterproof and good performance for heat dissipation. The surface cover is 304 stainless-steel material which is anticorrosion and anti-aging. It is sealed by silica gel rubber, great performance for waterproof, high temperature resistance and anti-aging. Its high strength tempered glass has great performance for light transmission, wide-scale lighting distribution and strong bearing capacity. All of solid screws are to adopt stainless steel, waterproof can reach IP67. Embedded part can be selected, it is easy to install and repair. For its appearance, LED underground light has square shade and round shade, it is widely applied for superstores, parking lots, green belts, public gardens, tourist spots, residence communities, urban sculpture, walking street and footstep, etc. It is embedded underground, which is used for decoration and lighting, it also can be used for wall washer or to illuminate trees, its application has reasonable great flexibility.

5. LED Wall Washer Light.

It is used to illuminate the wall of hotels, building and overpass, etc. Its mainly function is to decorate outside of building.

6. LED Tunnel Light.

The light is used to illuminate tunnel, to guarantee drivers having a good sight when driving in tunnels. It is also to provide security for drivers.
LED tunnel light

7. LED Garden Landscape Light.

It is indispensable part in the modernization landscape. Itself not just has high value for appreciation, it also emphasizes the design of artistic lamp coordinating with the history culture and environment of surrounding, which is applicable for plaza, residence communities and public green areas, etc.

Above are the categories of outdoor LED lighting fixture, I think it would be helpful to learn more about outdoor LED lighting after reading this article, it would also makes you understand more that outdoor LED lighting fixture have been utilized for every aspect of our lives.


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