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Do you know it is very important to fireproof for home solar power system ?

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Electrical fire mainly is as electrical circuit, electrical equipment, appliance and power unit having malfunction to release thermal energy (such as heat, electric arc, electric spark) and no malfunction to release power (such as fervidity surface of electric appliance, it could be ignited by other inflammable goods or under its ignition point condition to cause fire disaster, also including the fire being caused by thunder and static electricity. The main reason to cause fire disaster is electrical circuit and appliances.

PV System

Solar pv system consists of solar panel, inverter and cables, most of our home solar power system is grid tie, its circuit safety problem should be paid attention.

Therefore, most of people are thinking of this problem, is it easy to cause fire disaster for home solar power system ?

Normally, most of solar equipment must be completely and seriously inspected before delivery, especially for inverter, distribution box should set anti short-circuit equipment. The cables which are used for solar panel also are flame-retardant materials, so, the possibility of fire disaster from home solar power system is very small.

Inspect Home Solar Power System.

1. Solar PV Panel.
1). Has solar panel been shadowed ?
Every shadow shouldn’t be slighted no matter what it is small or big, one small shadow could loss up to 90% power generation, should inform installer to adjust timely if finding any shadow.

2). Are there a lot of dust, firecracker crumbs, Bird poop or other dirt to cover on the surface of solar panel ? Need clean timely if having these dirt. (Just need use soft cloth to clean, Dry or Wet cloth also can be used, it is suggested to clean in morning or nightfall when sunlight is weak and the temperature of solar panel is low.

2. Brackets

1). Are these brackets rusty or curved ?
2). Is every fixed screw (bracket and solar panel, bracket and base) having any loosen, rusty, damage ? It must be adjusted or changed if these problem exist.

3. Cables.

1). High endurance cables in harsh environment should be specially used for home solar power system.
2). Is cables layout backside of solar panel structured ?
The junction box backside of solar panel is to transmit current, should be hidden inside mounting, otherwise it is easy to be degradation because of long time wind blows, rainy and solar radiation, and to make its lifespan decrease.

3). Please check cables connector to inspect if having any loosen, need deal with it in time if finding any problem, to avoid wet climate or rainy to cause fire disaster.

4. Inverter, Distribution Box and Meter etc.

1). Please check if having any loosen among connectors of inverter, it would case fire disaster if this problem exist, need contact installer to maintain in time.
2). Please check whether Short Circuit Breaker normally work in distribution box.
3). Please check meter whether shortage of fee.

Inspect Cables of Home Appliances

Home appliances are started frequently, cables are ordinary, they are more easy to have problem, so, need arrange for safety inspection timing.

In order to avoid potential fire disaster, it is necessary to maintain every part for home solar power system.


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