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What reasons may cause solar powered courtyard light breakdown all the time?

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Solar powered courtyard light is one of solar light fixtures, its working principle is via solar panel to convert sunlight into electric power, then to store into battery. Comparing with other lighting fixtures, solar powered courtyard light has various kinds of styles, it can provide illumination and decoration. But sometime someone said the solar powered courtyard that they bought is not good, they are breakdown all the time, what’s happen?
solar powered courtyard light
1. Low Quality Materials.
The main reason of breakdown is the low-quality materials for solar powered courtyard light. In order to get low prices, some manufacturer adopt low-quality materials and boast their light quality. Although it is difficult to find the breakdown in short time, the solar powered courtyard light would have problems after a long-time utilization if the materials are low-quality. For example, the battery is not durable, lighting source has been damaged, or other problems.

2. Bad Construction Quality.

The workers were careless when installing, it may cause the solar powered courtyard light having problem. For example, if the solar powered courtyard light is installed in rainy day, the solar panel can’t get sunlight, it would make the battery discharge without being charged. Workers shouldn’t install solar powered courtyard light under shadow, also don’t install at indoor, it should be memorized that solar panel need get sufficient sunlight to generate.
Construction need be careful, it might cause solar powered courtyard light having problem at some time, but these problems can be found after checking, the problems should be dealt with timely.
solar powered courtyard light

3. The Design is unreasonable.

Designer must notice its characteristic and rationality when to design a solar powered courtyard light. Usually, manufacturers have graphic designer, technicians, designer and other elite clerks. They need consider whether the solar light is beautiful and reasonable after finishing drawing, then they can start to produce. But in some factory, they don’t have professional graphic design and technicians, just ask someone to make drawing, and then start to manufacture.

Solar powered courtyard light is easy to have problem under unreasonable design. So, customers should find a powerful and reliable solar light manufacturer when planning to purchase.
solar powered courtyard light

There are many factors to cause solar powered courtyard breakdown, besides above aspects, is the orientation of solar panel correct? Is the battery withstanding high temperature? and etc. Issue should be solved if finding it earlier. Therefore, purchasers don’t just pay attention to prices when planning to purchase solar powered courtyard light. They should consider quality and the manufacturer. A reliable solar lighting manufacturer is important, it would avoid many quality issues to happen. Regards to investor, it would make a big loss when paying more attention to low prices. Quality is the first important for projects. If the budget is limited, we suggest to adopt lower configuration, not lower prices. For example, at the beginning, you plan to adopt 30W solar powered courtyard lights for your project, but you find your budget is limited after checking all of cost. Then our suggestion is that you can use 20W solar powered courtyard for your project, to replace the 30W, or you can adopt some relatively simple design without reducing quality. Usually, simple appearance design is cheaper complicated design. If you still don’t know how to make selection for your project, please consult Bingsolar.

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