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Is price high? Why is still so many home rooftop solar PV systems being installed ?

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What is home rooftop solar PV system ? It is residents to install distributed-grid solar PV systems in their own home rooftop. What is commercial solar PV system ? It is enterprises to install distributed-grid solar PV system in the rooftop of their enterprises. In China, government provides the most subsidy to home rooftop solar PV system. It is very easy to apply and install on-grid solar PV system in China, while the prophase requirement and later on-grid of commercial solar PV system are relative complicated. Therefore, home rooftop solar PV system would become the core market of distributed-grid solar PV system in China.
home rooftop solar PV system

What is advantages to install home rooftop solar PV system ?

Fast Reaction
In China, home rooftop solar PV system is the fastest reaction for application process, installation, grid-tie and getting subsidy. Usually, It just need 10 working days for residents to get grid-tie guideline after application. Usually, the whole installation process is less 3 days. Grid-connected acceptance usually is less 7 days, the whole of process is 15 days to complete at the fastest. At the same time, usually subsidy payment is less 3 months as a period.

Small Investment

In China, for most rooftop of urban villas, the installation volume is 5KW~8KW, some big villa can install up to 10KW. Usually, the investment of 5KW~8KW solar PV system is US$9,000~US$15,000.

Although the rooftop of ordinary families is big, the subsidy method is for self-use and surplus to grid, its power usage is not more. Therefore, it is enough to install 3KW~5KW for the rooftop of ordinary residents, the investment is just US$5,000~US$7,500.

It is easy to grid-tie

It is very easy to grid-tie for home rooftop solar PV system, just need show certificate of property ownership and confirm the meter of grid-installation, then residents can apply grid-tie for distributed-grid solar PV system for free. At the same time, Power Company provides two electric meters and grid-on design for free. There is no need special access equipment to install. Just need power switch of on-grid, solar modules and inverter to coordinate with government’s request.

To compare with other newly power generation technology (such as Wind Power generation and Biomass Power generation), solar PV power generation is a kinds of renewable power generation technology which coordinates with sustainable development, its advantage is also outstanding.

home rooftop solar PV system

1. Solar Power is inexhaustible in supply and always available for use.

The solar power which radiates on the surface of Earth is 6,000 times of the solar power which is consumed by human being. Moreover, solar power has a wide distribution in the Earth, the solar PV system can be applied only if having sunlight, it is not limited by districts and altitude.

2. Solar Power resource can be got at anywhere, power can be supplied at nearby.

There is no need to transmit from long distance, which has avoided the power wastage because of long distance transmittance, at the same time, it also solves the cost of power transmittance. Moreover, it also provides condition for China’s Western to install large-scale home rooftop solar PV system.

3. The Power Conversion Process is simple for home rooftop solar PV system.

It is directly to convert sunlight into electric power, there is no any intermediate process and mechanical motion, don’t have mechanical wear. According to the analysis of thermodynamics, solar PV system has a very high theoretical conversion efficiency, it can reach above 80%, the potential of technological development is huge.
home rooftop solar PV system

4. Solar PV Power Generation doesn’t consume fossil fuel.

It doesn’t discharge any warming gas and other exhaust gas, it doesn’t pollute air, no noise and environmentally friendly. It never be impacted by energy crisis and the unstable fuel market, which is true environmental protection and renewable energy.

5. There is no need cooling water during the process of solar PV power generation.

It can be installed on the desert where is no water. Solar PV system is also easy to integrate with building to form BIPV system. It is no need to occupy land individually, which can save the precious land resources.

6. The Maintenance of Home Rooftop Solar PV System is Simple, its operation is stable and reliable.

A set of solar PV system can generate power only if having solar panel, at the same time, as the wide utilization of automatic control technology, basically it can realize unattended operation, maintenance is easy and cost is low.

7. The Lifespan of Solar PV Module is above 25 years.

The lifespan of crystalline solar panel can reach above 25 years. In solar PV system, the lifespan of solar panel would be more long only if making reasonable design and appropriate structure.

8. It is easy to install home rooftop solar PV system.

The structure of solar panel is simple, low cubage and weight, it is convenient for transportation and installation. The construction cycle of solar PV system is short, it can be easy to group and expand according to the capacity of electricity consumption.

As above presentation, the cost of home rooftop solar PV system is not high from long term. It can return investment about 6~8 years and get income above 25 years.

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