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What is difference for LED floodlight and LED Spotlight?

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When we plan to purchase LED lights for outdoor lighting, we would find LED floodlight and LED spotlight, you can select them according to your requirement, now let us talk about their difference.

LED Spotlight.

LED spotlight is also named as LED project light, it is mainly used to illuminate building and commercial space. Its main function is for decoration, it has round and square shape. As the heat dissipation need be considered for LED spotlight, its external form has some difference with traditional spotlight.
LED floodlight and spotlight

What is characteristics of LED spotlight?

Currently, the mainstream of LED spotlight is to adopt 1W LED as lighting source in market (each LED unit would have a high light-effect lens which is made by PMMA, its main function is to secondly distribute LED lighting, that is secondary optics), some manufacturer has a better technological process for heat-dissipation, then to adopt 3W or higher power LED as lighting source, which is applicable for big occasions and buildings lighting.

1. It is high-purity aluminum reflector plate, accurate lighting-beam, better performance for reflection effect.

2. Its lighting distribution system is symmetry type narrow angle, wide angle and asymmetrical.
3. It is very easy to maintain.
4. It has even degree scale plate, which is helpful to adjust the lighting beam angle.

LED spotlight is via interior micro-chip to control, it is also no need to use controller in small-scale project occasions, it can realize gradual change, jump change, colorful twinkle, at random to twinkle and gradual change alternating, etc. It also can get through DMX controller to realize pursuing and scanning effect.

Currently, LED spotlight is applied for the outer building illumination for individual building, historical buildings and part lighting for indoor, lighting for green belt, advertising board, and medical cultural device, etc. It also can illuminate for bar, dance hall and other places of amuse entertainment to create lighting atmosphere.
LED floodlight and spotlight

LED Floodlight.

LED floodlight is a kind of point light source which can even illuminate toward all rounds, its lighting range can be adjusted at random. LED floodlight is the most applicable lighting source when to make the effect drawing, the standard LED floodlight is used to illuminate whole of occasions. Many LED floodlights can be used in occasion to produce more better effect. LED floodlight even illuminates object from a special spot, it is similar with lamp bulb or candle. LED floodlight can be put anywhere, for example, it can be put outside of lighting range of camera or inner of object.

What is characteristic of LED floodlight?

It is very common to use many different colors LED floodlight in remote distance occasion. These LED floodlight can project the dark areas and gather them on the module. As the lighting range of LED floodlight is very wide, its lighting effect is very easy to forecast, and these lights also have many accessory functions, for example, put LED floodlight near the surface place of object, then the surface of object would have bright lighting.
LED floodlight and spotlight

What is difference for LED spotlight and LED floodlight?

The difference of LED spotlight and LED floodlight is not just for the lighting vision, the notification is also different when to use LED spotlight and LED floodlight. LED floodlight can’t put too many lights to illuminate objects, otherwise it would be seems plain and stiffness from the lighting vision.

The difference of LED spotlight and LED floodlight is also appearing in their lighting range, LED spotlight is also named as LED project light, it is mainly used for buildings and commercial space lighting and decoration. There are various of style for the design of LED spotlight.

LED floodlight is from a special point to even illuminate surroundings, its lighting range can be adjusted at random, the standard LED floodlight can illuminate whole of occasion.

In fact, the difference of LED spotlight and LED floodlight is small, but it is really that they can be classified. When we plan to purchase them, we would make decision according to project requirement.


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