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What is LED Infrared Induction Lamp and how to work it?

Publish Time:2018/09/15 Industry Dynamic View:206

LED infrared induction lamp is also said as PIR LED lamp, it is the new generation intelligent lighting fixture, which is to rely on human infrared thermal radiation, detect luminous environmental situation, and getting through inside time delay switch to turn on/off.

Working Principle

Three functional modules are built-in PIR LED Lamp.
1. Infrared Induction Module.
2. Light-Sensor Module.
3. Time Delay Switch Module.

Among above three modules of PIR LED lamp, Light-sensor module detects light-intensity at first, to decide if to standby and lock other modules of PIR LED lamp. Usually, there are two conditions as below:

1. In daytime or when sunlight is strong, light-sensor module would lock infrared induction module and delay power switch module according to inductive value.

2. In night or when sunlight is too weak, light-sensor module can be according to inductive value, to make infrared induction module and time delay switch module be in standby state.

At this time, if someone enters into the induction range of PIR LED lamp, light-sensor module would be started and detect signal, the signal would trigger time delay switch module to open PIR LED lamp, if the person continues to move in its range, PIR LED lamp would be continuous to light, when the person leaves its induction range, there would no infrared induction signal, the time delay switch would turn off the PIR LED lamp under the setting time automatically. Then each modules return to be standby state, to wait for the next cycle.

PIR LED lamp can be customized or designed according to different application fields or requirement. Function also can be customized according to customers’ requirement. For example, regarding to walkway of hotel, so few walkers but also need have illumination, the standby to weak lighting function can be added, when nobody moves in the induction range, PIR LED lamp is under low power to operate, to have weak lighting, it would be full lighting once someone enters into the induction range. PIR LED lamp can save energy up to above 95% when being comparing to incandescent lamp by this weak lighting PIR function.

Features of PIR LED Lamp

1. It is integrated design intelligent lighting product.
2. It has integrated LED lighting source, infrared induction, light-sensor control and LED lamp fixture, to realize “turn on when someone passes by, turn off when the one leaves its induction range automatically.”
3. It is reaction sensitivity, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
4. The LED lamp would turn on automatically when someone moves inside its induction range in night or dark areas, it would delay to turn off when the one leaves its induction range, there is no need hand control during this process, and no noise.
5. It is high efficiency and energy-saving, long lifespan and stable performance.
6. The lumen of Its 4W is equals to above 400W incandescent lamp, and LED has more longer lifespan and stable performance.


PIR LED lamp is widely applicable for underground garage, factory district, warehouse, corridor, elevator entrance and balcony, etc. It is very useful for the areas where need the lighting to be turned on/off automatically.

The technology of PIR LED lamp has been used for many years, the aim that we introduce this technology is to bring the basic knowledge for PIR solar LED lamp, it integrates the technology of solar Photovoltaic and PIR LED lamp. Currently, PIR solar LED lamp has been widely used for outdoor illumination, it is the outcome of technological development, it is also the sign of our technological achievement.


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