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What are features and advantages for LED Flood Light?

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There are many kinds of LED flood lights sold in market, this lighting fixture is small and exquisite, its application is also very wide, and also can be customized according to customers’ requirement. It is also important to learn more about features and advantages of LED flood light when planning to purchase it or not.
LED Flood Light-01
What are features of LED flood light?
1. According to situation of application, various kinds of brackets can be designed, which can adjust the orientation of LED flood light and easy to install.
2. It is integrated heat dissipation structural design, which has enlarged the area of heat-dissipation by 80% than others, to guarantee LED luminous effect and usage lifespan. The structural design of lighting fixture has added airflow heat dissipation channel.
3. It has bigger lighting beam angle to be adjusted than ordinary LED lights, so its application is more flexible.
4. Special waterproof design, to add rain guide conduit inside, the PCB board has been special working-craft to process, even if it is in rainy days, its application also doesn’t be influenced.
LED Flood Light
What are advantages of LED flood light?
1. Adjustable Lighting Beam Angle.
In fact, LED flood light is a spotlight, so its lighting beam angle can be adjusted to make its application be more flexible, thereby many LED flood lights also have the degree scale plate for lighting beam angle adjustment, so that the direction of lighting beam can be adjusted accurately.

2. Widely Application.

In contrast with other lights, the figure of LED flood light is small, therefore, it can be suitable for more widely installation sites, and it is not easy to be damaged during its usage, also can’t have more heat dissipation because of long time to use, so its lifespan is very long.

3. LED flood light doesn’t need use controller.

In contrast with other lighting fixtures, LED flood light can work without controller and it also can realize many kinds of special lighting effects, such as the gradual lighting changes, the lighting color change, the color lighting jump change and lighting twinkle, etc, which is high-level dynamic lighting decorative effect which other lighting fixtures can’t realize.

4. Good Performance for Lighting.

As it is a spotlight, having the function of spotlight, so the lighting effect of LED flood light is good performance, the lighting color is very bright and beautiful, and the colorful purity is very high. Although the lighting color of LED flood light is very gorgeous, its lighting beam is soft, not dazzling. It is very suitable for furniture lighting and decoration. In addition, LED flood light is an energy-saving lamp, it can save a lot of power electricity during applying, so its usage power is not high.
LED Flood Light

Above is the introduction for LED flood light, it would be necessary to learn more about LED flood light. With technological development, solar LED flood light has been invented and widely applied. It integrates the technology of LED flood light and solar photovoltaic panel, its features and functions don’t have many changes, but solar LED flood light is more convenient to use for outdoor lighting, because it is no need to pave cables, and no need pay electric cost, etc. In order to learn more about solar LED flood light, it is necessary to learn the features and advantages of LED flood light. In futures, more and more LED flood lights would be replaced by solar LED flood light, but their functions and application would not have big difference.


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