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Why has LED garden light replaced traditional lighting source?

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With the rapid development of technology, the application of LED garden light has been more and more universal, which is common in our daily lives, it has got increasingly welcome by customers. Thereby, what is advantages of LED garden light over traditional lighting source?
LED garden light replaces traditional lighting source

1. LED garden light is energy-saving, low voltage and small current to operate, it is high brightness. The lumen of one 10W~12W LED garden light is equal to 35W~150W incandescent lamp. Under the same illumination effect, LED garden light would save energy 80%~90% than traditional lighting source. The power consumption of LED garden light is small, with the technological improvement, it would become a new-style energy-saving lighting. Presently, the light-effect of white lighting color LED garden light has reached up to 251mW, which has surpassed ordinary incandescent lamp. Its lighting spectrum has a good performance for single-color, nearly all of its lighting can be exploited to directly illuminate.

2. It is new-style environmental protection lighting source, LED garden light is to adopt cold white lighting color, it is no ultraviolet radiation and dazzling. There is not any harmful substance during utilizing. LED garden light has better economic benefits, its spectrum doesn’t include ultraviolet rays and infrared ray, and it can be recycled to use, it doesn’t have mercury element, no pollution, which is typical cleaning lighting source.

3. It is long lifespan. LED garden light is to adopt solid semiconductor chip to convert electric power into lighting energy, to be sealed by epoxy resin, inner structure is compact, it can withstand high strong impact. The lifespan of LED can reach 100,000 hours, while the lifespan of ordinary incandescent lamp is just 1000 hours, the fluorescent lamp is just 10,000 hours.

4. It has a reasonable structure. According to different usage requirement, the structure of LED garden light is under the improvement of initial brightness, through improving brightness again and being improved by optical lens, its luminous effect has got great improvement. LED garden light is the solid lighting source which is sealed by epoxy resin, its structure doesn’t have any glass wave filamentary cathode components which are easy to break. Its structure is whole of solid, so that it can withstand shock to impact.

After learning the advantages of LED garden light, I think now most of customers have already understood that why the traditional lighting source has been replaced by LED garden lighting source.


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