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Do you know what is advantage for LED garden landscape light?

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LED garden landscape light is an ornament outdoor decoration light, it is mostly applied for courtyard, backyard and villa, etc. Most of customers are fond of this light because of its good performance. LED garden landscape light has decoration and illumination function, its design would coordinate with environment. Many people can see this kind of lights in tourists’ spots. Now let us talk about its usage advantages.
LED garden landscape light

1. LED garden landscape light is low voltage and low current, but high brightness.

The lumen of a 10W~12W LED garden landscape light is equal to a 35W~150W incandescent lamp. Under the same illumination effect, LED garden landscape light can save 80%~90% energy than traditional lighting source. The power consumption of LED garden landscape light is low, with the technological improvement, LED garden light would become a new-style energy-saving lighting source. Currently, the lighting effect of white color LED garden light has reached 251mW, surpassing ordinary incandescent lamp. The light spectrum of LED garden landscape light is narrow and it has a better performance for single color. Nearly all of its lighting beams can be exploited, and it doesn’t need filter, color lighting can be brightened directly.

2. New-Style Environmental protection lighting source.

The operation of LED garden landscape light is cold light illuminator, no dazzle and no radiation, harmful substance doesn’t exist during utilization. LED garden landscape light has better benefits for environmentally friendly, its light spectrum doesn’t have ultraviolet rays and infrared ray, and rejected materials can be recycled, it doesn’t have mercury element, no pollution, which is typical environmental protection lighting source.
LED garden landscape light

3. Long Lifespan.

LED garden landscape light is to adopt solid semiconductor chip to convert electric power into luminous energy, being encapsulated by epoxy resin, it also doesn’t have any loosen part inside. It can withstand high strong mechanical shock, working temperature is -20℃~50℃.

4. The reasonable structure for lighting fixture.

LED garden landscape light can completely change lighting structure according to different usage situation, on the base of brightness improvement, the structure of LED garden landscape light can be processed by rare earth to improve again, after getting through the improvement of optical lens, its brightness can get improved one more time. LED garden landscape light is a solid lighting source, its structure doesn’t have glass bulb and filament, it is a completely solid structure, therefore it can withstand shock and not easy to damage.
LED garden landscape light

Above is the introduction for LED garden landscape light, its rapid development is facilitated by huge market demand. Nowadays, more and more private houses or villas are established, proprietors would like to decorate their courtyard, backyard or pathway, then they would like to purchase LED garden landscape light, on the one hand, the kinds of LED light can be lighting decoration for them to appreciate, on the other hand, it also can provide illumination for them when walking in night. In a word, LED garden landscape light has become important lighting source for community’s establishment. The development of this solar LED lights have greatly abundant habitants’ lives.


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