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What should we do before deciding to purchase solar LED lamp?

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Nowadays, there are abundant information for solar LED lamp to be sold on Internet, and there are also many manufacturers to produce solar LED lamp. At this time, customers need do something before deciding to purchase solar LED lamp, namely customers need analyze manufacturer of solar LED lamp at first. Solar LED lamp is an economic and practical lighting product, it also can save energy, now let us talk about to analyze solar LED light manufacturer before purchasing.
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1. Firstly, we need check quality of the solar LED lamp, namely, we should buy one or two samples to test before placing order, to confirm whether the solar LED light manufacturer is reliable or not.

2. If the solar LED lamp has passed the necessary certificates, such as CE, RoHS and FCC. Maybe some customers also want to check if the light also got UL certificate, but please note that UL certificate is for high voltage electric product, Solar LED lamp is low voltage to work, therefore, all of solar LED lamps don’t have UL certificate, this should be clarified.

3. If your project is a big order, it is necessary to visit the solar LED light manufacturer, to discuss with them by face to face and visit their factory, at the same time, you should clearly understand how to guarantee high quality for the manufacturer.

4. To check if its price is reasonable or not. It is better to compare prices from some manufacturers, then to get the average price for the similar solar LED lamp. To compare the manufacturer’s price with the average price. If the price is far higher than the average price, that would be unreasonable, but if the price is far less the average price, that is also unreasonable, because usually low price is equal to bad quality. My suggestion is to select the price which is higher a bit of average price, because a bit of higher price can keep high quality for the solar LED lamp.

5. After-sale service. When you test samples, if your question can’t get quickly solved, it would indicate that the after-sale service is bad, it is not value to create business relation in the long run. A reliable solar LED light manufacturer should have good after-sale service, to provide customers good service. If customers can’t get professional and quick response, that means the manufacturer is not reliable.

Above is just some suggestion to analyze a solar LED light manufacturer before purchasing solar LED lamp. To do more works before purchasing will benefit you in the long run. Because solar LED lamp is not finished once you get products, it has warranty, such as solar garden light is 1 year warranty and solar street light is 2~3 years warranty, what you get should be a long time service after your purchasing.


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