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Do you know what is solar lawn light ?

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Solar lawn light is a renewable energy lamp, it is safety, energy-saving, friendly environmental and easy to install. Solar lawn light mainly consists of lighting source, controller, battery, solar panel and lamp body. It would store power into battery under solar radiation via solar cells, the battery would discharge to LED lamp via controller when being no solar in night. It is applicable for residential district, garden , lawn decoration and brightness.

Working Principle
When solar cell is radiated by solar irradiation, solar cell converts solar power into electric power getting through controller to store into battery in daytime. The battery gets through controller to discharge for LED lawn light in night. The battery stop to discharge for LED lamp in the next day, LED lawn light stops to bright, solar panel continues to charge battery, day after day to continue this cycle. Controller is made up of single chip and sensor, it can control power on or off of lighting source by collecting and judging lighting signal. Lamp-body can protect the light system and pretty decoration in daytime, to guarantee a series of normal operation. Lighting source, controller and battery are the core factors to decide performance of solar lawn light.

Solar Cells

1. Type
The function of solar cells is to convert solar radiation into electric power, solar cells include monocrystalline, polycrystalline and non-crystalline.
1) The performance of monocrystalline solar cells is very stable, it is better applicable for these areas where have more rainy days and insufficient solar radiation.
2) The manufacturing craft of polycrystalline solar cells is relative simple, its price is lower than monocrystalline, it is applicable for these areas where have sufficient solar radiation.
3) Non-crystalline solar cells have more lower requirement for solar condition, it is applicable for outdoor where has insufficient solar irradiation.

2. Working Voltage

The working voltage of solar cells is 1.5 times of battery in solar system, to guarantee solar panel normally charging battery. For example, the working voltage of solar cells should be 4.0~5.6V if charging a 3.6V battery; The voltage of solar cells should be 8~9V if charging a 6V battery. It should be 15~18V if charging a 12V battery.

3. Output Power

The unit area output power of solar cells is about 127Wp/m¬2. Usually, solar cells is made up of many solar cell units by series connection, its capacity is decided by lighting source, power wastage during electric transmission and local solar irradiation. The output power of solar cells should be over 3~5 times of lighting source power unless solar irradiation is sufficient, then it is over 3~4 times.

4. Storage Battery

Battery stores electric power from solar panel when having solar irradiation, it discharges for LED lamp when it has request in night.

1) Type
(1) Lead-acid battery: it is used for low temperature high rate discharge, capacity is lower, most of solar street light exploited this battery in pass. Non-maintenance and sealed, lower price, but need notice to protect lead-acid pollution, it should be gradually eliminated.
(2) Nickel cadmium battery: high rate discharge, better performance for low temperature, long circular lifespan, many small off-grid solar system utilize this battery, but should be careful to prevent Nickel pollution.
(3) Ni-mH battery: high rate discharge, better performance for low temperature, low price, non-pollution, which is environmental friendly battery. It can be used for small off-grid solar system, it can be suggested to utilize. Presently, the common utilization includes non-maintenance Lead-acid battery, ordinary Lead-acid battery and Alkaline nickel cadmium battery.
(4) Lithium polymer battery: Comparing with other batteries, lithium polymer battery has more high capacity, Miniaturization, Ultrathin, Lightweight and high safety performance. Basing on these advantages, presently, most of solar lights already adopt lithium polymer battery, such as solar street light, solar lawn light etc. Lithium polymer batter is gradually replacing traditional battery in solar system.

2) Battery Connection

It should consider the unbalance effectiveness of each unit single cell when making parallel connection, the parallel group shouldn’t exceed 4 sets. It should think of anti-theft for battery when installation.


Solar lawn light has becoming an essential decoration equipment for garden, residential areas, etc. It is charged by solar, no need pave any cable, no need pay electric fee, no pollution, which is a renewable and cleaning product. It is the sign that lighting powered by solar is future.


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