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Newest Solar Flood Light Can Bring a lot of Advantages

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Recently, the market demand for solar flood light is increasingly popular, solar flood light can be used in remote area without cables pavement, in addition, it can be used as various lighting function. In order to update and improve our solar light, the newest solar flood light was designed and published to market. There are a lot of advantages for the solar flood light because of our update.
Newest Solar Flood Light

For most of solar flood lights, polycrystalline solar panel is mostly matched, which can save cost for whole of solar flood light. In order to improve the performance of whole solar flood system, our company use monocrystalline solar panel which is more efficiency than polycrystalline. As we know, the production technique of poly solar panel and mono solar panel is difference, the manufacturing technique of mono solar panel is more complicated, its flexibility and efficiency are higher than polycrystalline.

Besides solar panel, the battery that we use is LiFePO4. Currently, most of solar flood lights are to adopt lithium battery to store electric power. The lithium battery would discharge to provide power when the solar lamp is in need of power. The lifespan of lithium battery is around 1500 times (3~5 years), while LiFePO4 battery can reach 2000 times (5~8 years). And LiFePO4 battery can withstand lower temperature, it can be used in more harsh environment.

Newest Solar Flood

From materials, we adopt high performance with quality. From wireless remote controller, we add more function, it provides more options for customers. By intensive cultivation, our newest solar flood light can reach a high-end configuration. After promotion a long time, for the newest solar light, a lot of customers gave high praise and we would like to order more. They said that the newest solar flood light can not only meet their customers’ requirement for function, it also make them to satisfy from its pretty appearance. According to our clients’ positive feedback, we have confidence that the latest design solar flood light will win a lot of international market share.

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