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What is home solar power advantages and disadvantages ?

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Home solar system includes solar panel, solar controller, battery and inverter, etc. It use solar panel to absorb sunlight radiation, converting solar power into electric energy.


1. Solar power resource is inexhaustible, solar panel can generate power electricity as long as sunlight exist. Moreover, power generation from solar panel is safety and reliable, cleaning and environment, it can’t be effected by energy crisis and the unstable market of fuel fossil.

2. Solar power can be adopted anywhere, it can be utilized near with appliances, which can avoid circuit loss because of long distance electric transmission.

3. Solar power do not need fuel, its operating cost is very low.

4. Solar power can be used for the area with unattended operation, very easy to maintain, not easy to damage.

5. There is no sound, no contamination, no rejected material, no polluting environment, which is the outcome of newly-developing energy-saving and environmental friendly.

6. Home solar system is established with short time, convenient and flexible, solar panels can be increased or decreased according to load requirement, to avoid waste.


1. It is intermittent and random when used in land area, power generation is relative with climate, it may not generate or generate few in night or rainy days.

2. Energy density is low, the radiation intensity that land achieves is 1000W/M^2 under standard condition, it need occupy large-scale land area when need generate more power electricity.

3. Initial investment is high, return on investment is 7 ~ 10 years.


Home solar system is very valuable from the long term, China already have many successful cases to get government’s subsidy, home solar system includes on-grid home solar power system and off-grid home solar power system, especially for the remote area where is lack of electricity, it is very convenient.


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