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What is working process of solar motion sensor light for outside wall lighting?

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In past, we need have a flashlight in hand when we went to outside in night. Flashlight was indispensable products for everyone at that time, because it would be lost our way if we don’t have a flashlight in hand when were walking in outside at night. However, with technological development, nowadays we don’t have to hold a flashlight in hand when going to outside, and we also don’t be worried about to lost our way in outside at night, because there are a lot of LED lighting products for outdoor illumination, such as LED street light, LED high-post light and small LED light for roadway illumination, etc. For our courtyard or backyard, solar LED lighting products are more welcome for brightness, especially for solar motion sensor light. In fact, there are many kinds of LED lights being able to be selected for outside wall lighting, such as solar LED flood light, solar LED wall washer light and LED strip light, etc. But solar motion sensor light is the most selection for outdoor wall lighting among them. Now let us learn the working process of solar motion sensor light.
solar motion sensor light

The working process of solar motion sensor light for outside wall lighting.

1. Solar motion sensor light is charged by sunlight in daytime, it need be charged by 8-10 hours under ideal state.

2. The solar motion sensor light turns on as its weak lighting state automatically in night.

3. Its Infrared Sensor would be triggered when someone pass by, the solar LED lamp would be high brightness for 30s.

4. The solar LED lamp would turn to be weak lighting state after person leaves its sensor range.

Above is one of lighting modes for solar motion sensor light, it is inducted by human-body. Basically, every solar motion sensor light would have more lighting modes, but it is easy to use and switch. Solar power is a recycle energy, it is safety, environmentally friendly and inexhaustible. Currently, solar power has been more and more exploited for most of our daily lives, such as solar water heater, solar power bank, solar human-body sensor light and solar landscape light, etc. These renewable solar lighting products not just bring very convenient for residence, they also largely reduce the exploitation of traditional energy.


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