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How to correctly configure Solar Powered LED Flood Light?

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Solar powered LED flood light has been widely used for outdoor and indoor illumination. It can be controlled by remote controller, in addition, solar powered LED flood lamp turn on at night and being charged by solar in daytime automatically. It is very applicable for outdoor travel, lighting remote areas and mine site (dangerous areas), etc. Although solar powered LED flood light has been popular, do you know how to correctly configure it? Now let us talk about this.
solar powered LED flood light

The calculation for the parameters of solar panel and storage battery.

1. Firstly, we need calculate its current. For example, A 50W LED lamp, 12V battery system.

2. The battery capacity need be calculated.

If the solar powered LED flood light need bright for 12h (whole of night) each day. At the same time, battery backup for 2 rainy or cloudy days (total is 3 nights).
The battery capacity =4.2A*12h*3 days=151.2Ah.
In order to avoid battery being over-charge or over-discharge, usually, the battery is charged up to around 90%. Its remaining power should be 20% when it discharges. So, the utilization of battery capacity is just around its 70%.
Then, 151.2AH/70%=216Ah, (here we can use 200Ah lithium battery).

3. To calculate the peak power (Wp) of solar panel.

The lighting time of solar powered LED flood light is about 12 hours (whole of night) each day.
If the efficient sunlight is 4.5h for solar panel to convert solar power into electric power each day. The peak power of solar panel needs at least larger by 20%.
Then, Wp/17.4V (most of solar panel is 17.4V)=(4.2A*12H*120%)/4.5H
the Wp=234W, (We can use a 250W solar panel).

Therefore, the solar powered LED flood lighting system is 1pcs 250W solar panel, 1pcs 200Ah lithium battery and 50W LED Lamp.

Please note: the efficient sunlight time is 4.5h to charge solar light in most of China’s areas, different Countries have different efficient lighting time, for example, most of African areas can reach 5h efficient sunlight time each day. Above configuration system calculation is just for reference, different system would need consider different situation, but basically, above calculation process have provided you a direction.


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