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What should be noticed when to install LED Wall Light?

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Most of people would like to install a LED wall light to decorate their indoor furniture. LED wall light is to adopt LED as lighting source, it is installed on wall of indoor or furniture. Let us learn some advantage for LED wall light before talking about the notification for its installation.
LED Wall Light

1. What is advantage for LED wall light?

1) Long Lifespan.
As a conductive solid lighting device, LED wall light has longer lifespan than other lighting devices. Its lighting half-life period can reach 100,000 hours. If using LED lamp to replace traditional car lamp, its lifespan would be longer than the car lifespan, then there is no need to change new car lights during the lifetime of car.

2) Low Power Consumption.

LED wall light is the device working under low voltage, so its power consumption is low under the same as brightness lumen, which can greatly save energy. With the development of craft and materials, LED wall light would have higher lighting-effectiveness.

3) Fast Response.

Usually, its response is under dozens of seconds, its speed of response is far higher than other lighting source. Adopting LED to make top digit brake lamp can greatly improve car security under high speed state.

4) It is easy to adjust its brightness and lighting color.

As a kinds of lighting device, the brightness of LED wall light can be controlled by current, it also can get through the allocation of different LED wavelength to realize the colorful change and adjustment.
LED Wall Light
2. What should be noticed when to install LED wall light?
1) LED wall light can’t be directly installed on the combustible. In order to get beautiful, some customer use three-ply wood to fix solar wall light on the back of LED ceiling light, in fact this is very dangerous, measurement for heat insulation should be taken. When the high temperature part on the surface of lamp is near combustible, measurement for heat insulation or dissipation should also be taken.

2) The wire connection of LED lamp cup and LED lamp head, parallel connection for LED lamp heads need firmness, electric connection should be great conductive, to avoid the sparks happen between wires and connectors.

3) The cross section of wire cores should be checked before installing LED wall light, copper core soft wire is beyond 0.4mm2, copper core should exceed 0.5mm2, otherwise the lead wire must be changed.

4) If need adopt expansion bolt to fix LED lamp cup, the specification of expansion bolt should be selected according to product technological requirement, its diameter of drill hole and buried depth need coordinate with the specification of expansion bolt.

LED wall light

Above is some introduction for the advantages of LED wall light and notification for its installation. LED wall light has got rapid development, it is not just applied for indoor, it also be used for outdoor. Especially for outdoor solar LED wall light with motion sensor, it integrates LED and solar panel, which is advanced technological lighting product. It also is to exploit PIR technology for energy-saving. In order to get brightness for outdoor, most of consumers would like to have a LED wall light to install on the outside wall, such as to bright for backyard, courtyard, pathway and roadway, etc. LED wall light is not just used for lighting decoration, it also used to provide brightness for walkers, to provide a security feeling for walkers. It is an essential lighting product for human’s night activities.


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