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What is the development status for LED industry in China?

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Recent years, LED technology is getting though, according to international report in 2006, LED lighting-effectiveness surpasses 130LM/W under 20mAh current to work, while its lighting-effectiveness could reach 100LM/W when LED works under 350mA, which would provide technological support for LED to enter into lighting field. The international lighting company groups, Philips, GE and Osram, have made large investment to develop LED technology and industry. Japan, Korea and China’s Taiwan are greatly pushing the development of LED industry, and having got great achievement, having dominated market share presently. Resent years, China’s relative administer department and some local government also pay attention to the development of LED industry, providing large grant under policy, investment and encouragement, and having got good effect. Now let me introduce the development status for LED industry in China.
LED industry development status

1. The basic overview and characteristics of China’s LED Industry.

1) Basic Overview of LED industry in China.
According to the statistics and estimate of China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufacturers Association, in 2006, there were about 2000 companies to specialize in LED industry in China, more than 30 companies to engage the research and manufacturing of epitaxial wafer and chips. Nearly 600 companies to engage encapsulation business, around 100 companies had large-scale for encapsulation. There were 1700 companies to do application products and supporting facilities, the industrial employment was around 200 thousand population. The industrial chain has been completed from raw materials, epitaxial wafer, chip to encapsulation, application and relative equipment, devices, etc

From technology, Epitaxial wafer and chip are to adopt Si and SiC as substrate to epitaxial growth GaN, having got well effect. To exploit the new structure and craft of photonic crystal, improving the efficiency of external quantum. The main technical index of LED has got large improvement. For encapsulation, a lot of new style of encapsulation were emerging, it is good for lighting-effectiveness of encapsulation, heat dissipation and reliability. LED application products have been wide expansion, more and more LED application products were invented, their structure and performance have got great improvement.
LED industry development status

2) The Development Characteristics of LED Industry.

Resent years, the characteristics of China’s LED industry is as below:
(1). The development of LED industry is very rapid, especially for super LED device, its increase rate is 50%, the increase rate of chip had surpassed 100%.

(2). Big investment. Besides government’s investment and support, many companies had big investment.

(3). The new investment companies have increased, 6 predecessor companies had been increased, nearly one hundred encapsulation enterprises and some hundred application enterprises had been increased.

(4). The development and promotion of LED application products have been spread out, the LED application products have increased rapidly, and the output value of application products have got large increased.

(5). The LED Standardization and Test Institutes have been paid attention.
LED industry development status

2. The LED Market Status in China.

LED has many advantages, such as energy-saving, environmentally friendly and long lifespan, etc. Its application range and products have been expansive. More and more companies engage to research and manufacture LED application products. The LED application products can be classified as 5 categories according to its application range.
1) The information indicator of Electronic Instrument, equipment and home appliances, screen of digital camera, monitor and LED display screen.
2) Traffic Light. The signal light for urban traffic, highway, railway, airport and navigation.
3) Backlight. The backlight whose size is below 10inch, mainly applied for mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PDA, Digital camera, etc. The middle backlight (10inch ~ 20inch), mainly applied for computer display and monitor. Big backlight (above 20inch) is mainly applied for Television display screen.
4) Automobile Lamp. Headlamp, meter displaying in car, etc.

5) Semiconductor Lighting. It can be classified as 6 categories according to current product application.

(1) Outdoor Landscaping Lighting.
LED fence light, LED flood light, LED strip light, LED bulb lamp, LED special-shaped lamp, LED underground light, LED lawn light and LED underwater light, etc.
(2) Interior Decoration Lighting.
LED wall light, LED ceiling light, LED embedded light, LED corner lamp, LED planar luminescent plate, LED grille light, LED flush light and LED variable light, etc.
(3) Special Ordinary Lighting.
Portable Lighting (flashlight, front light), Low brightness Light (Porch light, Door Lamp and Garden Light), Reading Light, microscope light, projective light, flashlight, table light and street light, etc.
(4) Safety Lighting.
Miner Light, explosion-proof light, safety indicator light and emergency light, etc.
(5) Special Lighting.
Military Lighting, Medical Lighting, Therapeutic Lighting, Germicidal Lighting, Biological Lighting and Solar Lighting, etc.
(6) Ordinary Lighting.
Ordinary lighting for office, store, hotel and house.

As above, LED has been widely applied for various of lighting field. LED has become new generation lighting source. Especially after integrating solar technology, solar lighting has brought cleaning and renewable energy.

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