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Does Lithium Battery of LED Solar Street Lamp have disadvantage?

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The answer is yes.
Nowadays, the development of lithium battery is very rapid, it has been more and more widespread, especially to be utilized for LED solar street light, we could say that our technological lives can’t leave lithium battery. Presently, most of batteries are 18650 lithium battery in market. Its definition of 18650 is that the battery diameter is 18mm, its length is 65mm, its figure is cylindrical shape. Contrast to traditional Lead-acid battery, lithium battery has longer lifespan, high discharge rate, low temperature resistance, slight weight and no pollution, etc. In addition, its recycling rate is relatively high. Therefore, lithium battery has become mainstream in market. But whatever the product is, it still has imperfection, then what is disadvantages for lithium battery of LED solar street light? Now let us talk about it.
LED solar street lamp lithium battery

1. Maintenance After Sale

At some time, lithium battery solar street lamp would have some no brightness or other fault issues. We suggest to install traditional solar controller under the bottom of lamp-post, which is convenient to check problem and change. The installation of lithium battery is under the bottom of solar panel, then it has an issue that we should use a crane to lift maintenance person to replace the battery if having any fault, which would increase the maintenance cost, therefore, we suggest to increase the power of solar panel and the capacity of battery, at the same time, the solar controller has the function to turn to half power for lighting automatically, which has prolong the illumination time for cloudy or rainy days. So, this disadvantage is small, this issue can be solved only if the quality of solar controller is high.

2. Working Circumstance

Currently, lithium battery solar street lamp has been widely applied spread the world, the range of temperature is big. The discharging voltage of lithium iron phosphate battery is very stable, usually it is 3.2V, its voltage variation is fast in the later period of discharging, its cutoff voltage is 2.5V usually. More low temperature circumstance would influence the discharging capacity of LiFePO4. The discharging capacity under -20℃ circumstance is 45% of normal temperature, -10℃ is 65% of normal temperature, -5℃ is 80% of normal temperature, 0℃ is 90% of normal temperature, the variation of discharging capacity is very small between 0℃ ~ 20℃ circumstance. Therefore, it has some difficulty to adopt ordinary lithium battery in very cold districts. In fact, in term of this disadvantage, bingsolar street light manufacturer has invented our own technology to solve this problem.

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