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What is the future development for the technology of LED lamp?

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As LED lamp has irreplaceable advantages, it is rapid to be developed and replace other lighting fixtures, nowadays, LED lamp has been widely applied for various of fields. Now let us to learn what is the future development trend for LED lamp.
LED lamp technology development
1. High Power LED technology.
LED chip has the bottleneck and heat dissipation problems for electrostatic release damage and coefficient of thermal expansion, so that its power can not be made too big. Currently, the big power LED chip of stable performance is 1W and 3W. The power of LED chip can be improved by integrated chip, but the technology is still not mature at current, because it need solve the problem of heat dissipation. The big LED power also can be realized by many LED chips to series connect, parallel connect or mix connect. The later two methods have relative lower efficiency and they also can be used so few. The method that many LED chips to series connect is the mainstream in current lighting industry. But the series connection method has a disadvantage which is all of its circuit to be cut-off if having one LED chip get damaged. This is the big bottleneck to restrain high power LED lamp to be applied in lighting industry. In order to improve the power of LED lamp, one is to improve its power from LED chip, another one is by optimizing circuit design to improve its power.

2. The technology of heat dissipation.

High temperature is an important factor to influence LED chip, the increase of temperature would accelerate the decay of LED chip, while the temperature of chip node can directly influence the lifespan of LED lamp, therefore, the ability of LED heat dissipation has restrained its power improvement.
The inner heat of LED lamp is mainly produced by LED chips and the process of printed circuit board, in terms of small power LED lamp, the heat can be dissipated easily by natural conduction convection. But regards to high power LED lamp, many aspects for heat dissipation need be considered. On the design of heat-dissipation, usually it is dissipated by LED encapsulation, electric board and increasing parts of heat-dissipation, etc.
LED lamp technology development

3. The technology of LED chip and encapsulation.

The key development of LED chip technology is the selection of substrate material and the growth technology of epitaxial wafer. The key of technological improvement is about the reduction of defect density and how to research more high efficient & stable components to operate. It is the most important criteria for all current technical index that how to improve the luminous efficiency of LED chip. The traditional substrate materials have sapphire, Si, SiC. Currently, the popular materials have ZnO and GaN, etc. The main method to manufacture epitaxial wafer is to adopt metal-organic chemical vapor deposition. According to the report of LED Global in 2011, University of North Carolina, in United States, put forward a new growth technique of gallium nitride, this new technique is hopeful to reduce the materials defect lower one thousandth, thereby to manufacture higher brightness LED lighting.

4. Optical design technology.

The point lighting source of LED has a great directionality, through the design of LED space lattice, lens, reflecting device, secondary optics and cubic optics, to reach more ideal distribution curve flux, which is also the difficult point of optical design. In the whole of illumination, when it requires the LED lamp to have more range lighting scale, it can use the technology of the linear LED lamp bar to match light guide plate to make it become plane lighting source. LED automobile signal lamp can be constituted by reflector and glass lens, the international standard optical distribution can be realized by reasonable design.

5. Driving Technology.

Usually, the LED constant current driving includes inductive type and switched capacitor type. The driving current of inductive type is high, its terminal voltage of LED is low, which is suitable for the application of many LED chips. The switched capacitor type driving is mainly used for big power LED lighting fixtures, as its terminal voltage and current are high, it can get high power and lighting effect. The design of LED driving circuit might be very complicated according to accurate requirement, but the high reliable power supply should be considered during the design of electric circuit, and the electric circuit should have surge protection, etc.
LED lamp technology development
Above has provided the future development for the technology of LED lamp. Bingsolar is to manufacture solar LED lighting products, which is also in lighting industry. Therefore, we also pay attention the future development for the technology of LED lamp. We have confidence that more technology of LED lamp and solar Photovoltaic will be integrated in future.



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