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Bingsolar Lighting Manufacturer takes 7 holidays for China’s National Day

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People’s Republic of China was established in 1th, October, 1949, thereby it is China’s National Day in the 1th, October of each year. With the economic development, China’s GDP has got a fast growth and people’s living conditions have got great improvement. However, the environmental problem has become more and more serious in China because China is the biggest manufacturing Country in the world. In order to improve environmental condition and energy crisis, renewable energy, especially for solar energy, has paid attention by government. Therefore, China’s government published a lot of positive policies to facilitate the development of solar energy.
China's National Day 2018
As one of powerful solar lighting manufacturers, Bingsolar has got big benefits from government’s policy to develop solar lighting products. Up to now, solar energy has got development for more than 30 years in China. After entering 21th century, China’s solar industry has got rapid development, but United States started to impose anti-dumping and anti-subsidy to China’s solar cells and solar panel in 7th, December, 2012, then European Union started to perform the import registration in 6th, March, 2013, China’s solar industrial development had got a big obstruct at that time. In order to stimulate China’s solar industry, government published subsidies policy to facilitate solar industrial development in National market, at the same time, most of solar companies established factories in the Countries out of China and make a big investment to develop the market of new-emerging Countries, therefore, solar industry has recovered the prosperous. However, after 31th, May, 2018 (5.31 policy), China’s government cancelled the subsidy for the future solar projects, the solar industry has fallen into bleakness again. The good news is that European Union had cancelled the policy of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy to China’s solar cells and solar panel in 3th, September, 2018, China’s solar industry get the hope again and the prosperous for China’s solar industry is coming soon.
solar industrial development

Although China’s solar industry has undergone market fluctuation many times, the whole developing tendency is ascendant. Under the development of solar PV industry, solar LED lighting system has also got fast development, because it is to integrate the technology of LED lights and solar Photovoltaic, it belongs to LED lighting industry and it is also a part of solar industry. With Bingsolar’s efforts for many years, the technology of solar LED lights has got big breakthrough, more and more solar LED lights have entered into market. The lighting industrial structure has got improved because of the invention of solar LED lamp. The exploitation of fossil fuel has got reduction, environmental pollution has got progressive solution, at the same time, Bingsolar lighting manufacturer has become more and more powerful, which is good for lighting market and environmental protection.

Currently, the efficiency of solar cells and solar panel has got high improvement, at the same time, the technology of solar LED lights also got big breakthrough. The most contribution is Government’s positive policies. China’s government facilitated the development of solar industry at its hardship period, then government returned solar industry to market after its efficiency getting improved and cost getting reduced. As one of powerful solar lighting companies, Bingsolar very appreciates China’s government’s contribution, and Bingsolar always obeys China’s policy and culture, at the same time, Bingsolar Lighting manufacturer always takes social responsibilities.

In order to celebrate our China’s National Day, Bingsolar Lighting Manufacturer takes 7 holidays to whole of Bingsolar’s members, Happy National Day !


Bingsolar, 1th, October, 2018


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