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What is advantage and disadvantage for decorative solar courtyard light?

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Nowadays, various new-styles of decorative lightings enter into our lives, such as solar light, courtyard light, garden light and street light, etc. Most of people are already familiar with decorative solar courtyard light, it can be viewed everywhere. It is an art, it can bring beautiful ornament and cater our eyes. Do you know what is advantage and disadvantage for decorative solar courtyard light?
decorative solar courtyard light

1. The advantages of decorative solar courtyard light.

1) Illumination.
Decorative solar courtyard light is similar with ordinary light, it also has illumination function. The lighting beams of decorative solar courtyard light would be softer when to compare ordinary light. The lighting of decorative solar courtyard light can emphasize the main landscaping, to make this lighting areas be different with surrounding. Different decorative solar courtyard lights would have different lighting colors, colorful lighting would provide beautiful scenery in night.

2) It has high ornamental value.

Comparing with ordinary light, the main function of decorative solar courtyard light is for ornament, namely, it has very high ornamental value. There are various of styles solar courtyard lights, every style would present a beautiful lighting scenery. Usually, decorative solar courtyard light is coordinating with the culture and history of surrounding environment, it can become cultural symbol for a City or a District or a Nation. In a word, decorative solar courtyard light can beautify environment, and bring good impression for travelers, which is a major feature for City and Scenic Spot.
decorative solar courtyard light

Nevertheless, is decorative solar courtyard light perfect without any defect?

The answer is not, it also has disadvantages, now let us talk about its disadvantages.

2. The disadvantages of decorative solar courtyard light.

1) The manufacturing cost is high.
The big disadvantage of decorative solar courtyard light is the high manufacturing cost. As its various of styles profiling, its craft is also complicated, it need a long time to manufacture, and it also need many kinds of materials. When the decorative solar courtyard light presents its exquisite art and beautiful styles, it also means that it should consume a lot of labors and materials, therefore, its price is high. The solar courtyard light is more exquisite , the price is higher.

2) Its installation site should be limited to some extent.

As decorative solar courtyard light is powered by solar, its solar panel need get sufficient sunlight to charge lithium battery, so it can’t be installed under any shadow, for example, it cannot be installed under high trees which would shadow it to get enough sunlight. In order to work well, solar courtyard light need be installed in the areas where have no shadow to block, but not all landscaping areas can get sufficient sunlight, therefore, its installation site would be limited to some extent.
decorative solar courtyard light

From above presentation, we have learnt that decorative solar courtyard light has advantages and disadvantages. Even if it has disadvantage, it still has got rapid development because of advantages. Besides above advantages, there are many other advantages for decorative solar courtyard light, such as energy-saving, environmentally friendly, easy to install, no need pay electric fee and low cost for maintenance, etc. With its technological development, its cost has been decreased, namely, its disadvantages have been reduced and its advantages have got improved. We can believe that solar courtyard light would become the tendency for technological development in future.


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